The city of Marrek lies on the patch of land between the Caucavic and the Serpent Rivers, marking all that is left of this once-proud human kingdom. Marrek prospered after
the Orichalcum Wars, explored lands, fought wars, and gained a reputation for assassinating nobles from other kingdoms. When Marrek became involved in the assassination of a Theran councilor, they lost the support of the Theran Empire. Thera’s feelings remained hurt for centuries, and they eventually decided Marrek could do without their magical protections from the Horrors. Today, scholars say the kingdom of Marrek exists in Name only, having been completely ripped apart during the Scourge.

The Kingdom of Marrek was known for its shrewd dealings in many areas, trade and politics prominent among them. It is said Marrek knew secrets from the inner circles of every kingdom in Barsaive. Some claimed they even knew the daily habits, routines, and favorite dishes of every major noble in the province. This outstanding intelligence is the suspected source of Marrek’s success in foreign assassinations. Its spies, reflecting the flexibility and resourcefulness common to humankind, were quite adept at infiltrating every level of rival kingdoms. Many claim these spies were most often followers of the rumored Journeyman Discipline, able to pick up not only new skills, but also whatever magical abilities would be most useful along the way. While this seems unlikely, it has not stopped a number of human adepts from searching Marrek’s old territories in hopes of learning the secrets of possible ghostmasters.

While flexibility certainly played a role, Marrek’s prowess in alchemic pursuits is also credited for the kingdom’s murderous achievements. Potions, poultices, and charms of all sorts were a major export of the kingdom, some rumored to grant incredible strength, speed, or even intellectual ability for a time. Many powerful alchemic items are said to have their origins or major production there. Records of illicit sales of poisons also have come to light over the centuries since the Scourge began.

Appropriately enough, these facets continue on in the present day city of Marrek. While still only a relatively small city, it boasts a lion’s share of alchemists’ shops, with exotic
ingredients, talismans, and baubles from all over Barsaive and beyond. The magical community often wonders how much the myths of Marrek’s history of alchemy have been exaggerated to increase sales. In addition, the cooperation of Name-givers on equal terms is an impressive feature of the growing community. Marrek boasts an airship, a large drakkar Named Truthbringer, manned by an alliance of lowland trolls and human airmen. The chief of the city watch is a former ork scorcher chieftain Named Durmoot Snarltooth, who, along with some loyal friends, remained in the city’s service as many orks left for Cara Fahd. A small trade covenant of displaced t’skrang has recently opened up shop in the city; further adding to the mix that is Marrek.

The city’s origins remain mysterious, however. The ruling family supposedly arrived a few decades after the opening of Throal and began as poor traders, taking the Name of the ancient human kingdom that once prospered on this land. Their current wealth makes many wonder at the possibility of ancient Marrekan treasure hiding in the hills and forests; indeed, adventurers occasionally go questing in the wild lands that once made up the kingdom. Currently, the rulers are working to solidify their minor trading agreements and alliances with the nearby powers of House Syrtis and Throal. It appears they may still fear the wrath of Thera over their Namesake’s actions.

This is true. The new town of Marrek was founded by agents of the hidden citadel of New Marrek. Vigilants make up a small but very influential fraction of the town population. Two leading merchants act as fronts for the main trade pipeline for New Marrek, while others lead the town itself and the guards.

Who’s who:

  • Durmoot Snarltooth. Chief of the city watch. Vigilant. Ork Cavalryman.
  • Benarhk the Arm. Captain of the airship TruthBringer. Vigilant. Troll Air Sailor.
  • Swinger Magee. First Mate of the airship Truthbringer. Vigilant. Human Air Sailor.
  • Menta Redbeard. Influential merchant. Vigilant. Human. Primary channel to New Marrek. Tesk’a
  • Vellareesh. Head of Den’ka trade covenant. T’skrang.
  • Ben Toraan. Influential alchemist and merchant. Human Wizard. Secondary channel to New Marrek.
  • Gea’lin ni Doerth. Influential alchemist and merchant. Elf Nethermancer.
  • Ged the Tall. Ex -Adventurer, influential merchant and titular head of the Marrek Town Council. Vigilant. Human Troubadour.
  • Melizon. Dwarf merchant. Has connections to HousePa’avas in Throal.


Call of the Vigilant Tribmos