Magic Items

Magic Items come in several varieties. What separates them is how they have been enchanted and how they are powered.

Alchemical Items These potions and poultices can be made through the use of appropriate Herbs and animal parts and the Alchemy skill.

Common Items

Reasonably common throughout Barsaive, these items include everything from Magic boots that keep your feet warm, to firestarters for your campfire, to magic self-heating cooking pots, to fire cannons and Air Ships.

  • Most often common items are enchanted by weaving True elements into the item’s Pattern. Usually this is done by Elementalists or very powerful Weaponsmiths.
  • More rarely, magical ingredients (animal, vegetable, or mineral) are used instead of True elements.
  • Sometimes a spell Pattern is used as the basis for the item’s Pattern, and powered by weaving of Orichalcum into the item.
  • Nethermancers and Elementalists also have the option of binding a spirit into the pattern of an item (either a tasked spirit from a spell, or more rarely a full-on summoning and binding) to make use of the spirit’s nature or powers.

To enchant a Common Item, the enchanter needs the Talent knack Thread Weaving(Create Common Item), plus any additional materials, spells, or Talents appropriate to the nature of the item.

Blood Charms

These items are not made by blood magic, but are instead require the sacrifice of some of the user’s blood to bond to his Pattern and feed off his life force to power their magic. Examples include the temporary Death Cheat or Desperate Blow charms, as well as the permanent Targeting Eye or Chrystal Limb charms. Attatching a Blood charm always costs some temporary or permanent Blood Magic Damage. Some of the more powerful and invasive Blood Charms can stress the user’s Pattern, leading to increased risk of Stress Depatterning. To quote the Nethermancer Egonspengler, “That would be bad.”

Blood Charms are created using the Alchemy Skill by Magicians only, usually using the enchanting technique of combining magical ingredients.

Living Armor

Living Armor is usually crafted from fernweave or living crystal, although there are a few much rarer alternatives used in the Servos Jungle. Only Weaponsmiths possess the skill required to shape the delicate patterns of living material into living armor. Living armor usually requires some special form of periodic maintenance.

Spell Matrix Objects

As the Scourge approached, casting spells via raw magic became quite hazardous, so magicians began looking for ways of filtering the increasing astral taint. Based on the filtering properties of casting through a grimoire, the first Spell Matrix objects were created to hold spell patterns and cast them safely. Although supplanted to a large degree by Spell Matrix Talents, some magicians still make and use these items to provide extra Spell Matrices. Enchanting a spell matrix object requires the use of a Spell Matrix Talent in most circumstances.

Thread Items

Thread Items posses their own Names and True Patterns. They are among the more powerful of magic items, and are powered by weaving threads to the True Pattern of the user.

Enchanting a Thread Item requires the knack Thread Weaving (Create Thread Item), 1 month of work, plus magical ingredients or True Elements.

Legendary Items

These are items that are enchanted spontaneously through being involved in legendary exploits and the like. They are never planned – they just happen.

Magic Items

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