A long forgotten broken Kaer near Ayodhya.
Built from natural caverns, this under underground Kaer was formed from 14 nearby communities (2 windling, the rest were human, dwarf, tskrang).

This impressive structure featured a central cylinder shaft that branched off into 6 different directions. Intricate warding was put into place to protect Macaron. Specifically if you had not been there, it makes it difficult to learn about, and those that knew about it are incapable of remembering it.

Unfortunately this Kaer had its defenses defeated by a Horror. Investigation shows that it entered in through the water source and physically broke through the warding. At the time there were approximately 1800 residents. A dwindling population of t’skrang, around 100 windlings, and the rest being human and dwarves.

On 7 Rua 1509 the adventuring group Lynx discovered and defeated the Horror of Macaron.


Call of the Vigilant Tribmos