House Rules

Gordon’s Optional And House Rules for Earthdawn 3rd Edition
I. Creating Characters
1. Namegiver Races

  • T’skrang Not mentioned in the race description and rules is the ability to swim faster and stay under longer. These rules are covered under the Swimming Skill and Drowning rules.
  • Windling +2 Physical Defense is a size modifier to their Defense, so is not replaced by any talent that replaces their physical defense. All other things being equal, a windling is harder to hit than a human.

II. Disciplines
1. Discipline Special Abilities use the following actions:

  • Air Sailor – Collaborate: Sustained, Standard, Simple, or Free. This ability matches whatever action the Air Sailor is assisting.
  • Archer – Arrow’s Eye View: Simple.
  • Beastmaster – Primal Urges: Standard.
  • Cavalryman – Masterful Horseman: None. This is a modification of the Splitting Movement combat option.
  • Elementalist – Fire and Ice: Standard. This requires the use of Thread Weaving (Elementalism).
  • Illusionist – Glamour : Standard. This is an automatic use of Thread Weaving (Illusionism).
  • Nethermancer – Decay and Renewal: Standard. This requires the use of Thread Weaving (Nethermancy).
  • Scout – Enhanced Senses: Simple.
  • Sky Raider – Strike Without Warning: Simple.
  • Swordmaster – Flourish: Free. This does not, however, change the opponent’s initiative score.
  • Thief – Thieves’ Tongue: Sustained.
  • Troubadour – One Last Word: Free. This ability is tied to another action test.
  • Warrior – Battle Rites: Sustained.
  • Weaponsmith -Traveling Smithy: Sustained.
  • Wizard – Book Mage: Simple.
2. Durability talent: All characters will receive the Durability talent at 2nd circle as a bonus talent. You will not have to use your talent option to pick up durability.

III. Talents

  • Climbing Step is Rank+STR.
  • Great Leap Step is Rank+STR.
  • Wind Catcher is a Free Action.
  • Steel Thought is a Free Action

IV. Skills
1. Skill Changes

  • Acting Default: Yes
  • Climbing Step is Rank+STR.
  • Conceal Object Default: Yes
  • Great Leap Step is Rank+STR and Default: Yes
  • Parry Default: No.
2. Training: Stats and existing skills may be raised by 1 rank at a time without training. Finding a trainer is still required to gain the first rank in a skill or talent or to gain a new Circle.

3. Optional Rules:

  • Practical Knowledge: PG p88

V. Thread Magic
1. Optional Rules:

  • Unweaving Threads: PG p120

VI. Spell Magic
1. Optional Rules:

  • Spell Learning Cost: PG p132
  • Spell Legend Point Cost: PG p133 This does not apply to the spells gained by raising Circle in the Discipline.
  • Bypassing Cover: PG p134. Note that this is specifically for non-physical spells.

VII. Summoning
1. Longer Service Duration: Summoned spirits will hang around for a duration set by a Willpower Test, or a Willpower-based Half-Magic Test if the Character received the Summon talent as part of their discipline. The base duration is in Hours, taking strain equal to Wound Threshold increases that to Days, and a physically inflicting a Blood Wound on oneself increases that to Weeks.

VIII. Combat
1. Ranged Knockdown Attacks: Normally, Attacking to Knockdown is an option only in close combat. Some ranged weapons, however, are designed to trip up an opponent and bring them down. Ranged entangling weapons (like Bolas) may use the Attacking to Knockdown Combat Option if and only if they also use the Called Shot Combat Option to go for the target’s legs. Targets without legs are immune.
2. Replacing a Defense Characteristic: Some Talents, Skills, or Spells temporarily replace a Defense characteristic with their effect result. Replace the base Defense granted by Dexterity, Perception, or Charisma, plus Discipline bonuses. All other bonuses or penalties granted by items, spells, skills, talents, or situations also apply to the new Defense value.
3. Optional Rules:

  • Damage to Weapons and Armor: PG p224
  • Cover Density: PG p226

IX. Building Your Legend
1. Training your Legend: A Namegiver stuck at home can still improve himself through intensive training. For each week spent in intense, dedicated training, a character will earn 30 Legend Points.
2. Optional Rules:

  • Aligning Talents and Skills: PG p240

X. Goods And Services
1. Heavy Crossbow: Damage Step 6, STR Min. 15, Size 5, Short Range 2-48(1-24), Long range 49-96(25-48), Cost 300, Weight 9, Availability Rare.
2. Optional Rules:

  • Blood Charm Depatterning: PG p258

XI. Standard Questor powers
1. Astendar

  • Discover Desire
  • Enchanted Gift
  • Instill Love
  • Return Youthful Spirit
2. Chorrolis
  • Discover Desire
  • Encourage Trade
  • Incite Greed
  • Locate Valuables
3. Dis
  • Confusion
  • Enslave
  • Living Death
  • Apathy
4. Floranuus
  • Increase Speed
  • Increase Stamina
  • Return Youthful Spirit
  • Speed Ship
5. Garlen
  • Comfort
  • Ease Suffering
  • Heal
  • Seal Home
6. Jaspree
  • Animate Plant
  • Command Animal
  • Ease Suffering
  • Plant Growth
7. Lochost
  • Break Shackles
  • Change Thoughts
  • Confusion
  • Inspire Rebellion
8. Mynbruje
  • Comfort
  • Change Thoughts
  • Increase Perception
  • Perceive Emotion
9. Raggok
  • Cause Pain
  • Inspire Rage
  • Raise Undead
  • Retribution’s Bite
10. Thystonius
  • Absorb Damage
  • Increase Initiative
  • Increase Stamina
  • Increase Strength
11. Upandal
  • Create Structure
  • Create Weapon
  • Fortify Structure
  • Seal Home
12. Vestrial
  • Deceit
  • Discover Desire
  • Hesitation
  • Manipulate Desire

XII. New Questor Powers

  • Hesitation
    Step: Rank + PER Action: Simple Strain: 1
    Duration: Special (See text) Passion: Vestrial
    The Hesitation power allows a questor to fill a target character with uncertainty. Although a Simple Action, only one Hesitation test may be made per round. When the target character is about to do something, the questor asks if he really wants to. The questor spends 1 Strain Point and makes a Hesitation test against the character’s spell defense. if the test succeeds, the target can take no action for 1 round per success level, except for self defense. Defensive talents and skills which use simple actions are not affected by this power. Hesitation may be renewed on a single target. A failed Hesitation test renders the target immune for one full day.
  • Apathy
    Step: Rank + WIL Action: Standard
    Duration: Rank hours Passion: Dis
    The Apathy power allows a questor to mute the desires of one person. The questor makes an Apathy test against the target’s Spell Defense. If the test succeeds, the target has a hard time getting excited about anything. Subtract the Questor Rank as a penalty from all Interaction tests made to motivate or coerce the target to do or get involved with something. Add the Questor Rank as a bonus to all Interaction tests made to motivate or coerce the target into ignoring or abandoning something.
  • Retribution’s Bite
    Step: Rank + PER Action: Standard
    Duration: Rank rounds Passion: Raggok
    The Retribution’s Bite power allows a questor to strike back magically at those who harm them. The questor spends 1 round entreating Raggok to grant him vengeance against those who strike him. The questor makes a Retribution’s Bite test against the Spell Defense of any character who damages the questor with an attack or spell. Success inflicts damage equal to that suffered by the questor. Mystic Armor protects, and the damage may cause a wound. The damage manifests as cuts, bruises, etc identical to those inflicted on the questor. This power only affects Name-givers, and functions even if the questor falls unconscious. If the questor dies, the killing blow or spell is affected by this power, but subsequent damage to the corpse has no effect.

House Rules

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