One of the main concepts of Earthdawn, Horrors are entities from Beyond. Where exactly they come from, no-one knows. The most popular theory is that they come from a very distant netherworld deep in the astral. They have a nearly infinite variety, although some may similiar enough to each other to be grouped into general groups. What is certain about them is that they tend to be completely inimical to life as we know it.

It’s not that they are evil, exactly. They are not enough like us for terms like good or evil to really apply. They are, however, freaking dangerous.

So what exactly is a Horror? It’s an entity that:

  1. requires a high magic level to even exist here.
  2. hungers for something in this world to satisfy it’s needs. This could be anything: Organic matter, inorganic matter, blood, particular emotions, life force… there’s quite a variety.

Beyond that, anything is fair game. Some examples from other genre which could be considered horrors: Freddy Kruger, The Mummy, Alien, Event Horizon, The Thing (Horror Movie), Epideme (the intelligent, charismatic virus in Red Dwarf), Michigan J. Frog (Loony Toons), the entire Cthulu Mythos…

  • Some Horrors are massively intelligent. Some are dumb as a post.
  • Some Horrors are physically powerful. Some aren’t.
  • Some Horrors are magically powerful. Some aren’t.
  • Some Horrors are subtle. Some aren’t.
  • Some Horrors work alone. Some swarm in numbers to darken the sky.
  • Some Horrors can pass as people. Most can’t.
  • Some Horrors want a close personal relationship with you, even if it kills you. Some just want to eat your brain. Some want to be your buddy and eat your Friends’ brains.
  • Some Horrors cheat by twisting the very fabric of time and space, not to mention the rules. Okay, a lot of them do that.

During the Scourge, everyone had to hide themselves away because the magic level rose high enough that Horrors showed up in quantity. Most don’t really understand our world. They just crave things that exist in it. So they move in, with much the same effect as the ocean trying to warm itself by a candleflame.

  • Baggi
  • Bloatform
  • Crystal Entity
  • Deceiver
  • Despairthought
  • Doppler
  • Dread Iota
  • Gharmhek
  • Gnasher
  • Kreescra
  • Mindslug
  • Scurrier
  • Slipshade
  • Wingflayer
  • Wormskull


Call of the Vigilant Tribmos