Character Creation Notes

As a PC, you are an adept in the service of the city-state of New Marrek in the year 1507 TH. You serve as one of the Vigilant – the agents and defenders of the nation, founded at the beginning of the Scourge. By tradition, anyone desiring public office in New Marrek must first join the Vigilant and prove their worth through service. To become a Vigilant an applicant must first undergo some basic training, and take a blood oath to protect New Marrek, keep its secrets, and honor the sacrifice of the Two Hundred in word and deed.
While not all Vigilant are adepts, your PC is an adept of one of the following Disciplines:

Players Guide Disciplines (allowed Specialists) {Requirements}

  • Air Sailor
  • Archer (Crossbowman, Bowman)
  • Beastmaster
  • Cavalryman
  • Elementalist (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood)
  • Illusionist
  • Nethermancer
  • Scout (Explorer, Infiltrator)
  • Sky Raider
  • Sword Master (Bladesman, Gallant)
  • Thief
  • Troubadour (Sage, Mapmaker)
  • Warrior
  • Weaponsmith
  • Wizard

Namegivers of Barsaive

  • Boatman
  • Horror Stalker
  • Liberator {Ork}
  • Taildancer {T’skrang}
  • Traveled Scholar (Spy)
  • Winddancer {Windling}
  • Windmaster {Windling}
  • Windscout {Windling}
  • Woodsmen (Assassin) {Elf}
  • Messengers and Songsmiths exist in Marrek, but aren’t usually found in large Vigilant Teams.

Benefits of being a Vigilant:Characters completing the Vigilant training gain a number of bonus ranks in skills oriented toward espionage and underhanded dealings. All graduates gain 1 bonus rank in:
• Knowledge: New Marrek Lore
• Read/Write Language (Grants the knowledge to use Vigilant codes and ciphers)
• Speak Language: Any racial or Theran (often used to learn Human by other races)
• Conversation
• Rhetoric
One of the following skills:

  • Acting
  • Diplomacy
  • Engaging Banter
  • Etiquette
  • Flirting

One of the following skills:

  • Bribery
  • Disguise
  • Fast Hand
  • Forgery
  • Streetwise

One of the following skills:

  • Conceal Object
  • Dead Fall
  • Silent walk
  • Sprint
  • Picking Pockets

Every year on the anniversary of the closing of the New Marrek citadel, each Vigilant who is able performs a blood magic ritual called the Vigil. The character opens a cut over his heart causing 2 Blood Magic Damage which will not fully heal for a year and a day. He then slowly recites the names of the Two Hundred over a period of one full day, while not eating or sleeping. The ritual ends with a renewal of the blood oath of the Vigilant:

As those who I have Named gave their lives to protect all their nation and kin, so shall I guard with my life those who I protect. My strength is their shield against their enemies, and will never knowingly betray their trust. On my life and the honor of the Two Hundred do I give my oath.

This blood oath grants a measure of protection to the Vigilant should he end up in a bad situation. It grants a 2 step bonus to Talent, Skill, or Willpower tests to resist fear, intimidation, or pain. Also, should the Vigilant ever knowingly betray New Marrek, he will suffer 5 Blood Wounds. This often-fatal measure grants a measure of security to the nation and the Vigilant should he break under interrogation or the like.

Vigilants have a respected status in New Marrek. The active leaders of the city (the Most Vigilant and the Chamber of Deputies) are all serving Vigilants, and any serving Vigilant can requisition domestically-produced personal equipment and supplies at half price, including alchemical items, blood charms, and common magic, but excluding thread items.

Upon graduation from training, Vigilants are offered a free Potion Charm if they desire, loaded with a dose of the potion or poison of the character’s choice.

Character Creation Notes

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