Call of the Vigilant

Rival Gangs Part I (Veltom 26th - Charassa 8th)

Camithon has asked for someone to take over the activity log for Action Team Hound. As no one else has stepped forward, I have decided to do so. I will add that if anyone has a problem with my record or how I choose to write it they can keep their own fracking journal.

On the 26th of Veltom we got a new mission. Apparently one of our operatives in Bartertown was having some problems with a couple of rival gangs and asked for an action team to take care of the problem. We traveled to Marrek and from there to a riverboat landing on the Serpent that is used for trade between Marrek and the rest of Barsaive. Our Journey down the Serpent and up the Coil river was uneventful. At the town of Ardanyan we took up with a caravan heading to Throal, as traveling in numbers is always safer. We told them that we were and adventuring group called Lynx and would aid the caravan if they got into any trouble. Most of the journey was uneventful, although we were attacked by some Ork scorchers while crossing a flooded stream. Andros gained a thunder beast as a mount in that fight. We made it to Bartertown without further incident and made contact with our operative, Honest Akeem.

On Charassa 4th we met with Akeem in his apothecary/pawn shop. He told us that there were two groups or gangs that were demanding protection money from him and the amount he was paying out to both would put him out of business. Also the gangs did not like that he was paying their rivals as well and had threatened him. He feared a turf war and getting caught in the middle. He wanted us to find a way to stop one of the gangs from demanding protection money from him, but discreetly. He didn’t want to be connected to us. Paying protection to one gang was fine, it helped his cover, but he couldn’t afford both. If we could also stop the escalating gang war all the better.

The two gangs were the “Juggler’s Men” and the “Red Masks”. The Juggler’s were a group of T’skrang led by “The Juggler” (a Troubadour of unknown circle), who had a headquarters in the “Hog’s Head” inn. These were the original gang that claimed Akeem in their territory. The Red Masks were muscling in on the Juggler’s territory. They were reportedly a group of former adventurers or possibly members of the Grim Legion or both. The Mask’s leader was a dwarf named Macklin, but no one seemed to know much about him or where his gang headquartered.

Charissa 5th – 7th we spent gathering information on both gangs to see if we could come up with a plan for Discreetly dealing with one of the gangs. On the 7th of Charassa we found out that The Juggler had left town and that several members of the Juggler’s men were taken ill. Wanting to know more we decided to ambush one of the Juggler’s men and ask a few questions. Our Thief, Kira quickly took the T’skrang out and we dragged him to an alley to have a nice chat. Kira talked very casually to the T’skrang while Andros tossed the ganger’s own club back and forth. We led him to believe that we were a group of thugs hired by someone who had been inconvenienced by his gang and were looking for The Juggler to make amends. The T’skrang didn’t argue and quickly gave us all the information he knew.

The Juggler_ left town that morning and would be back in a couple of weeks. This was apparently not unusual, as he did this several times a year. He didn’t know where The Juggler went but guessed by the length of time he was usually gone that it was either Ardanyan or possibly Darranis. He also let slip that The Juggler apparently had a benefactor, as he always returned with money. We let the T’skrang go told him that we would be looking for The Juggler upon his return to Bartertown.

We quickly formed a plan based on this information. If The Juggler simply never came back the Juggler’s Men would be eliminated and the Masks would simply take over, thus we would succeed at our mission and no one would even know we were involved.

Smuggling Run II
Over the river and through the woods to the sewers we go!

TH 25 Strassa 1507 (10/06/2013)

Camithon’s Journal Entry:

We successfully made it to the river crossing and on to the outskirts of Marrek. One the way we exterminated a hunting party from the Blood Foot tribe. We have come to the unfortunate conclusion that I am the only member of Team Hound who can read a map (and to be honest, I’ve never been that good at it). As such, we got a little lost in the ruins of the Via Cloaca while trying to find the first stash location. Luckily, Kira found our way out and we were able to start over. We eventually found it, and made our delivery, but ran into a small group of ghouls. Luckily, we were able to drop them before anyone was poisoned. Those windlings sure are agile little buggers. One mule was lightly injured.

Now we just need to pick up our return cargo and we can get the heck out of this hole.

Smuggling Run
Termites at a Picnic

TH 23 Strassa 1507 (9/29/2013)

Journal Entry:

After a week of furlough, Team Hound has been assigned to cover for one of the smuggling teams that keeps the citadel of New Marrek in commercial contact with Marrek. We set out yesterday at first light and headed down the hidden canyon trail with a string of mules. Despite reassurance that the Elementalists were sure there was to be no rain all day, the team hurried to avoid getting trapped in a narrow canyon in the event of nasy weather. We arrived at Rift Gap Camp with time to spare and settled down for the night.

Overnight we got an unpleasant surprise. Apparently a nest of greater termites has moved in near the camp. We barely got ourselves and out goods out of there. Agents Lenore, Androstachys, and Wynarr were instrumental in distracting the vermin while the camp was evacuated. The nest will have to be reported and cleared out by specialists.

We made do with a makeshift camp a little farther down trail. Tomorrow we’ll leave the mountains and cross the river.

Border Patrol II
Ambush Freindly

TH 15 Strassa 1507 (9/21/2013)

Mission Report
Action Team Hound – Camithon One-Eye (Team Leader)

Our 2-week patrol of valleys Delta and Gamma had 4 incidents of note:

  1. An adventuring party of 5 adepts. These poor fools appeared to be following a forged map to some rumored treasure in the Caucavic mountains. On this occasion, agents Saiph and Androstachys impersonated a mad hermit and spirit to lure the targets out of the patrol area into a concealed position for an ambush. While the lure was successful and the targets were eliminated, these two agents need to review the concept of matching cover stories. Agent Kira showed promise in the tactical use of stealth. Suggest looking into whoever is supplying these bogus maps.
  2. A wisp swarm appeared to be breeding in valley Gamma. The reproduction rate was unnervingly rapid for a location so close to the Citadel, so we intervened. A partially coordinated ambush eliminated the strongest of the wisps, and although it was a hard fight, the others were also destroyed. One wisp with useful properties was captured for experimentation.
  3. An adept hunting party from the Sharptooth cannibal tribe (standing orders – no survivors). Although we were able to place them under surveilance, they were too many for certain victory. Agent Kira was sent to request backup (Kira has shown reliable instincts for avoiding trouble so was a reasonable choice for a solo messenger). While we awaited backup, one hunter ventured up valley and was eliminated without alarm. Kira returned with the Royal Guard, who destroyed the tribesmen while Action Teams Hound and Zephyr (our relief) acted as security.
  4. Although the Royal Guard was overkill for the cannibals, their presence was lucky as the final event was the arrival of the Horror Old Bog over the ridge from valley Epsilon. Old Bog was destroyed by the Royal Guard, with two casualties (remedied in the field).

Quote of the Day: “I’ll bag the slutty one!”

Border Patrol

TH 1 Strassa 1507 (9/1/2013)

Our heros graduated from Vigilant training, despite an incident where in their final exam they set ablaze the poorer sections of the city of Jerris. Luckily, the exam took place within an illusion, and it was considered a passing grade because they retrieved the package they were sent for and laid the blame for the arson on another party.

Upon graduation at the start of the festival week, they took their Vigilant Oaths and became full-fledged protectors of the Citadel (worth 50 silver a week, plus benefits). At the end of the festivals, they were assigned to Action Team Hound, a general well-balanced team intended to fill a wide variety of roles.

Their team leader is a grizzled veteran who is months from retirement Named Camithon One-Eye. Their first assignment is the usual for rookie teams (and is also sometimes used as punishment detail). They have to travel a day’s journey from the citadel to their patrol area, and discourage any visitors.

After all, no-one is supposed to know there is a city up here in these mountains teeming with monsters, Horrors, and savage tribes of cannibals. So they are disguised as savages and must drive off or kill any Namegivers or Horrors who should decide to wander toward their home.

On the way out, they ran across an old aquaintance, Caradoc, who seems to have a self-declared rivalry with the Swordmaster Dederick. He was escorting a team-mate who’d been poisoned back to the citadel for treatment.

Continuing on, they had a little trouble due to the previous night’s rain. Some troajin had wandered up the valley looking for prey displaced by the floods, and were driven off before they could ambush anyone on the trail.

Farther on, the path had washed out and needed to be circumvented.

And finally, part of the trail had flooded by an adjacent stream. Sighting shilagrue in the water, the party elected NOT to wade accross, but instead bypassed the flooded area by climbing the nearby scree. Sadly, old Camithon slipped and slid into the water, to be set upon by the predatory shilagrue. By the heroic actions of Andro and Saiph, supported by their companions, the attacking creatures were slain or driven off before the old man could drown or more predators arrived.

At the end of the day, Team Hound has arrived at their patrol campsite where they will spend the next two weeks.