Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - Operation Buttercup

10 Mawag 1509 – 17 Raquas 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

==10 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 26/5 1069 TE==

We restocked our supplies and headed off to Kratas aboard The New Moon.

==16 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 28/1 1069 TE==

We arrived at Kratas.
Every thief and their cousin were eying us (and my shield)
We turned over the information to our contact and left town with our belongings.

==20 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 28/5 1069 TE==

Arrived near Lake Ban via The New Moon and began our way towards V’strimon on foot / ferry.

==21 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 29/1 1069 TE==

We arrived in V’strimon and setup a drop box to receive mail for us.
We then gathered a few supplies and headed to our rendezvous with Action Team Manticore and the team of non-combatants

  • Questor of Upandal
  • 3x miner adepts
  • 2x laborer adepts

==22 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 29/2 1069 TE==

I created a flying carpet form the cloth, and Wynarr piloted our group to the other side of the river.
It was pouring down rain the entire time so we had good cover as we made it to the cave.
Inside the cave were 3 stingers, Jagatai was stung and we had to nurse him back to health.

==23 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 29/3 1069 TE==

After resting we began the work we have set out to do.
Lenore and Azra summons earth elementals to help the diggers.
Shai-lan, Americk, Wynarr are working security
Caradoc is helping with the mining.
Dederick is aiding the recovery of Jagatai
Lenore and Kira were going into the Kaer to investigate the drainage.

Lenore summons a water elemental to pump the water.
Work progress continues.

==7 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 32/2 1069 TE==

We have cleared a passage from the stinger cave to the hand chamber and to the Kaer.
A single person can walk easily with gear
The water level is ankle deep in the highest point and waist deep in the farm.

Plan to reduce the incoming water from the spring.
Azra and Lenore work to get the ventilation system working again and the pumps back online for longer term support.

Americk and Dederick look at the wards. They are keyed into a mosaic at the bottom of the shaft. It is tied to the idea of Macron. If you had not been there, it makes it hard to learn about. Those that knew about it are incapable of remembering it.
Kira has been searching for traps, wealth, and other things. There is a lot to go through.
Jagatai is in charge of the forge, and to work closely with the digging crews.
The best place to start digging towards the life rock has been found and that work has begun.

Living quarters and comforts are trying to be met to the best ability that we have. Priority of comfort is for the laborers as they are doing the most exhaustive work.

The Kaer had about 1800 citizens when the horror entered, there were 70-100 windlings, around a dozen t’skrang, and the rest were humans and dwarves.
There were many blood charms of Marrek make, some in their original containers.
Everything in the Kaer was done in a fashion that made it easy to use or repair. Often maintenance instructions were attached to the equipment in question.

==15 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 33/5 1069 TE==

Having established what can be considered a stable working environment, we sent off our report and requested the ward specialist. Our request was approved and we were told to meet at a location tonight.

As we made our way to the meeting location we noted the Theran patrol is operating at a heightened state then normal. A single airship is heavily patrolling a northern wedge shaped route.
At the meeting location we are introduced to our important person and their bodyguard.
Disci Minue – The illusionist ward specialist
Vemen Ballo – The troll bodyguard – Royal guard – Sky raider nethermancer

As we make our way back, Lenore and Kira notice a group sneaking around headed in the direction of the Triumph. We immediately use Nobody here and Kira and Lenore make out that it is a group of 6 orks wearing Theran uniforms and concealed with dark cloaks. One of them says Foxhole.

==17 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 34/2 1069 TE==

During our approach back we hear from the darkness.. Halt who goes there! And we disappear thanks to the spell Nobody Here.
They appear to be Theran military on patrol, about 10 of them.
5 warriors and 5 archers approximately 2nd circle, one of the archers is 3rd. Fairly standard Theran legionnaires, Elvan.

They seemed suspicious and got too close for comfort, we had to engage. We defeated them but unfortunately they got a horn call off. We are remaining vigilant as we make our way back to Macaron.

==18 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 34/3 1069 TE==

Disci begins looking at the at the wards, her bodyguard is vigilant.
Digging continues, the shaft extends off from the Temple area at about a 45 degree angle incline.

==1 Holiday 1509 TH ~~ 37/1 1069 TE==

In accordance with tradition, we set aside 5 days of celebration.

==3 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 38/3 1069 TE==

Around midday there was a startling bit of excitement from the tunnel as we reached the Liferock and were meet by an obsidimen named Oron.

We conversed a bit about the situation, a very concerning note is that the Therans are consuming the life force of the Liferock to power something. After finishing our initial pleasantries he meditated against the Liferock, meanwhile Lenore contacted Marrek.

After awhile an obsidimen named Taro emerged, after crossing the warding he staggers for a moment and then could remember everything.
He indicates that he is a stonemason and that he worked on helping create the Kaer.

We receive back a message to assist however we can while maintaining the secrecy of Marrek. Additionally the digging team will be sent back to Marrek.
The obsidimen wish to send out a messenger to V’strimon to try and contact Omasu and some others.

A messenger adept named Shari eventually emerged, we have agreed to escort them.
Many obsidimen have emerged and taken up duties around the Kaer, it is coming back to life. They now have hope and the foundation to do something about their current situation.

==4 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 38/4 1069 TE==

We discuss Goals with Canaery, an obsidimen troubadour

We take Shari out towards V’strimon.
The airship patrols have returned back to normal. The foot patrol is the normal 5 man team.
Lenore uses metal wings for us to cross the river.

2 days later arrive in V’strimon.
Jigga the snitch has a talk with Kira. Topic of what has been going on in our absence..

Battle on the serpent river K’tenshin vs V’strimon – Ishkarat tried and failed to take Eidolon.
Dwarves want to build a bridge up at tensardia
Orks from Cara Fahd came through, then shortly after the Triumph went on higher alert.
A merchant from Lankarden was found murdered in their home after that situation.
Theran elemental mining has increased. More to the death sea.
Orks are going back to Cara Fahd.
Thargon one-eye

An open task that needs to be fulfilled.
One of their tasks is to keep an eye out for a particular adventurer. Amber the boneless
Amber is the last survivor of the swords of riverville. Human Scout
Came back to barsaive about 2 years, has unnatural

Throal has found a new large vein of tin

Boatchers Brood is in V’strimon and Kira just went to find info for them.
The orks in town were liberators who were wanting a way into the triumph.

==9 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 39/4 1069 TE==

We make lots of plans and discussions and in the form of meetings, and at some point I Name my improved Karma spell.

The military strengths of the Theran.
General Nikar Carinci, a 10th circle cavalryman
Griffin riders are 5th circle cavalryman

Captain Drak Windsearcher – Righteous
Captain Solen Ogani – Defiant

The elites are a group of 5th circle with group pattern
Affern, a human Archer
Oortaal, an ork Nethermancer from Vasgothia
Landrial, an elf Scout from the Theran province of Creana
Gradan Sharpaxe and Larm Keenedge, a dwarf Warrior and Weaponsmith respectively, brothers from southwestern Barsaive
Praylar Sightshifter, a troll Illusionist from the Caralkspur Mountains in Vivane province

The elementalist windling Azim Keel and his group of elementalist

The tunnel made it to the air gaps by the outer wall. They are making preparations to make a tunnel to breech to the interior.
The farms are up and running, they are preparing to awaken more obsidimen to form a militia.
The beastmaster and pigeon carriers arrived and setup the message route.
The beastmaster name is marrel, elf. The brother is derral. Redneck elves hired by Omasu.

==17 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 41/2 1069 TE==

We make preparations to leave, with an obsidimen troubadour vetter.
We encounter a Theran patrol group, and we quickly dispatch them and try out best to cover our tracks.