Rose petal

A serrated bladed bracer


This Threaded weapon is made to be worn by a windling. As an attached weapon, it uses the Unarmed talent/skill for attacks. The wearer’s hands are left free, but holding items in your hand while attacking grants a penalty to attacks.

Probably made for an thief or scout.

Base stats:
Damage step 2
STR min 3
Size 1
Weight 1

Name: Rose Petal

Max threads 2
Spell defense 14
Legend point cost: Journeyman

Rank 1 – Key knowledge: the blade’s Name – Damage step 3
Rank 2 – 1 strain = +3 on next attack test with blade.
Rank 3 – Deed: must slit an attacker’s throat with the blade while looking them in the eye- Damage Step 4 – AND 1 strain = If you cause a wound, its a Bleeding Wound.
Rank 4 – +1 Rank bonus to Parry talent, blade counts as a size 3 weapon for parrying.
Rank 5 – Damage step 5
Rank 6 – 2 strain = +3 damage steps until end of round.


Rose petal

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