Doddul's Labors

Threaded Hardened Leather Armor


Hardened Leather has been boiled to be made harder than normal leather This armor protects the character’s entire body except for the forearms and legs below the knee.

Physical Armor: 5
Mystic Armor: 0
Initiative Penalty: 1
Cost: 5540
Weight: 20
Availability: Rare

This is a thread item with four ranks.
Spell Defense: 12
Legend point cost: Novice

Rank one Key Knowledge: The wearer must learn the armor’s Name.
Name: Doddul’s Labors

Thread Rank Effect
1 Physical Armor is now 8
2 Mystic Armor is now 1
3 Physical Amor is now 9
4 Mystic Armor is now 2

Doddul's Labors

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