Helping Hand

A four foot engraved walnut staff, inlaid with copper. It feels light in the hand, and floats on water.

Damage Step 4
STR Min 6
DEX Min 7
Size 5
Weight 4

Named Helping Hand

Max Threads 1
Spell Defense 15
Legend Point Cost Journeyman

Thread Ranks

Key Knowledge: the staff’s Name.
+1 bonus to Spellcasting Tests

+1 bonus to Threadweaving Tests

Key Knowledge: the staff’s creator’s Name
+1 Spell defense

Key Knowledge: the staff’s origin
+1 bonus to tests to remain standing

Allows the owner to cast Quicken Pace using their own Spellcasting Step and . If the owner does not have the Spellcasting Talent, they may use their Perception Step. The Staff has its threads woven into the spell pattern, so thread weaving is not necessary.

Deed: The owner must bind the staff to his pattern via a blood ritual that takes 1 hour, with a Thread Weaving (22) test. Completing the ritual causes 1 point of Blood Magic damage.
The owner gains +1 bonus to his karma step when using karma to enhance Spellcasting, Effect, or Thread Weaving Tests.


Enchanted by the Wizard Wazneer for his own use in the year TH 978, this staff is infused with true air so it feels light in the hand, and floats on water. It was originally carved from a sapling on a hillside in the Thunder Mountains, to help Wazneer walk after he had twisted his ankle.

Helping Hand

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