Handy Blessings

A polished greenstone Mortar & Pestle, engraved with runes


This looks like a small alchemists’ mortar & pestle, except for the runes. You can grind things in it.

Name: Handy Blessings
Max threads 2
Spell Defense 14
Legend Cost Novice

Rank 1 – Key Knowledge: The Name – Once per day, grinding fresh foliage produces 1 dose of a clear syrup that appears to be Garlen’s Hand (+1 recovery test per day if applied to an injury or added to tea). The syrup does not keep for more than a few minutes.
Rank 2 – The syrup also provides a +1 step bonus to the first recovery test after use.
Rank 3 – The syrup provides a +2 step bonus.
Rank 4 – Two doses can be produced per day.

Handy Blessings

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