Ashes from Kralipur


Ashes from Kralipur are commonly found among the t’skrang of House Syrtis. These ashes function as talismans against Horrors. To produce the sovereign charm, a traveler must walk the Pilgrimage Route from Ayodhya up to Kralipur. At Kralipur, the pilgrim must purchase a small scroll of paper made from the reeds of the Floating City and write a prayer on that scroll dedicated to the Dragon of the Sun. The pilgrim must then hold the paper in the Sacred Flame until it has completely turned to ash. The Sacred Flame draws on the life force of the pilgrim, causing him 2 Permanent Damage Points that can never be healed. The character must keep the ashes in some sort of container until he uses them. The ashes work only for the character who made the pilgrimage, and characters can only benefit from one dose of ashes at a time.

Should the character encounter a Horror, he may use the ashes against it. To use the ashes, the character smears them on his forehead. Until his encounter with the Horror ends, the character gains a +3 bonus to his Physical, Spell, and Social Defenses, and a +3 bonus to any tests he makes against the Horror.

Once a character has used his dose of ashes, he can return to Kralipur and repeat the ritual, receiving a new dose upon completion. Performing the ritual again does not cause him any further Permanent Damage, but if he did not defeat the Horror during his encounter with it, he receives 1 Blood Magic Damage that can only be healed after this new dose of ashes is used.


Ashes from Kralipur

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