Human Horror Stalker.


General Information

Race: Human Origin: Barsaive Age: 23
Gender: male Skin: Caucasian Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Weight: 176lb (80kg) Height: 6ft (1.68m)

CHA 13 6 d10
PER 18 7 d12
WIL 18 7 d12
TOU 18 7 d12
DEX 10 5 d8
STR 11 5 d8

Physical Defense: 6 Spell Defense: 10 Social Defense: 7
Physical Armor: 9 Mystic Armor: 10 Penalty: -3
Movement Ground: 6

Death = 50 Unconsciousness = 36
Wound Threshold 12

Blood Charms
Potion Charm, Darksight Eye, Desperate Blow, Horror Fend, Wound Balance, Blood Pebble, Initiative Booster, Wazznier’s Charm

Planned Thread Items
Heavy Blood Pebble, Heavy Crystal Raider Shield, Hawk Hatchet

Throwing Daggers

Astral Sight: 5
Call of Harrow: 5
Steel Thought: 5
Melee Weapons: 5
Karma Ritual: 5
Abate Curse: 5
Bear Mark: 5
Horror Weaving: 5
Lion Heart: 4

Versatility: 4
Tracking: 5
Wood Skin: 5
Parry: 5
Durability: 5
Sprint: 5
Fire Heal: 5
Throwing Weapons: 4
Silent Walk: 5
Fireblood: 4
Resist Taunt: 5

Speak Language: 3
Knowledge: Barsaive History 2
Knowledge: Kratas Lore 2
R/W Language 2
Acting: 2
Disguise: 1
Discipline Lore: Troubadour 1
Knowledge: New Marrek Lore 1
Rhetoric: 1
Wilderness Survival: 4
Singing: 1
Conversation: 1
Distract: 1
Impress: 1
Performance: 1


Saiph doesn’t like to talk about his younger days. You get the impression he’s seen a lot, but when asked about what kinds of adventures he’s had he always answers with something cryptic.

The issue is never to be pushed, he is a horror stalker so his past is probably marked with some kind of tragedy. People do gossip about how he must be the crazy sort of horror stalker since he is initiated into that discipline alone. “Who decides that all they are going to make of themselves is a target for those nightmare creatures?”. Crazy people, that’s who.

Saiph does seem to know a lot about a lot of things, and even once in a while you’ll catch him humming an unexpectedly pleasant tune.

Most people who meet Saiph agree, he is not right in the head. It’s not that he has lost some of his marbles, no…it’s more that his marbles are cracked and some of them are cubes.

He disregards potential injury with unsettling abandon. But for someone with a death wish he sure does fight hard to defend himself. Maybe he’s pushing the limits of what he can do to stay one step ahead of the horrors?


Call of the Vigilant acember