Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - Birthday, Assassins, and Triumph

21 Raquas 1509 – 12 Sollus 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

==21 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/1 1069 TE==

We arrive in Bartertown.
Prince neden’s 36th birthday celebration. Been going on for 2 days.

==21 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/1 1069 TE==

We make our way into Throal proper. The grand bazaar is busy!

Jodun – bob’s supervisor. Wants to see him.
8 bells at Spent Scarab
Lodging at the The vine of grapes – beautiful elf woman taking for elderly parents. Most of the cliental are elves. 4sp a night.

Anddelion fernglove – elf woven garments from the city of spires – merchant . Wanted our autographs

Kira buys a threaded battle-axe named Burial. Oaken shaft and a carved stone head.
Wynarr buys some crystal ringlet.

Time passes and we go to the meeting site.

Ogreck bloodspear – ork scortcher, somewhat famous merc
We chit chat a bit.

Our drinks arrive and there is a note to go to a private room.
Three dwarves – Jarrool the honorable thief

We tell our tale, more specifically the obsidimen is telling the tale
Official tale : a secret way under the triumph.

==22 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/2 1069 TE==

We are told to be at a certain place at a certain time and to wear formal attire.
When we arrive at the location we are quickly folded into a large group that has a pass for a formal party.

We mingle a bit and are informed to go to a specific place in a few minutes. We proceed and are greeted by King Vesuvius III.

The obsidimen tells his tale, and we discuss a few matters. The King agrees and requests we bring an Elite team with us. The agreement is that they would swear a blood oath of secrecy.
On the 7th of Raquas we are requested to pickup this group from the Ruby Dreams in V’strimon. The army will be in place 4 days later.

We mingle back with the party and eventually take our leave.

==23 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/3 1069 TE==

Do to a misunderstanding of dates, some time is unaccounted for.

During this time we have established that further meetings occurred, arrangements made, shopping for weapons/armor, and other activities for the good of our cause.

==1 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 44/1 1069 TE==

Today we turned in our journal to the Library of Throal. The legend point total was : 123,353 so we were bestowed with the boon of credit for 100,000 legend points. This value was a rough estimate as we had not recorded our previous turn in from 2 game years prior.

Afterwards we gathered up our belongings with the 77 troll sized maces we purchased (1950sp total) and headed on the road.

==5 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 44/5 1069 TE==

We arrive back at macaroon and deliver all the equipment.
We also pickup Disci and then head to the rendezvous and then onward to V’strimon to pickup the elite unit.

==7 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 45/2 1069 TE==

We arrive in V’strimon and I locate an alchemist to purchase healing potions from to heal my Blood Wound. I eventually succeed and purchase several additional.

Eventually we meet up with the Elite unit and are surprised to see it is a disguised Prince Neden and his adventuring group.
Prince Neden – 9th circle warrior
Helinack Highdeath – 9th circle thief
Yurrim Strongflame – 9th circle scout
Eranal Deathflame – 9th circle elementalist (female)
Naliorel Slyslayer – 9th circle warrior and questor of Chorrolis (female)

We enjoy a meal and pretended to be old friends who happened to run into each other. Afterwards we begin our adventure together and begin preparations for the battle on the 11th.

==8 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 45/3 1069 TE==

In V’strimon we buy 28 booster potions (50sp) and 4 more (55sp)

As we made preparations to leave in the morning I was accosted by vendors wanting to sell more booster potions. During the commotion, an assassin made an attempt against Neden.
An illusionary figure reached out their hand and grabbed him by his heart while simultaneously shattering several of his bones. Meanwhile a thief on the roof was preparing to throw a sword at him.

Wynarr and myself head forward towards the figure, but I quickly determine its an illusion and turn my attention to the situation.
Lenore and Kira immediately recognize the spells used and attempt to dispel them with much success.
The Nethermancer illusionist made an escape down an alley as the assassin on the roof threw the sword. My efforts to be a barrier didn’t succeed.
A bystander merchant offered on of the potions which Neden’s group accepted; this turned out to be an ingested poison.
Kira continued an additional dispel which… broke something, he is not sure what but it defiantly connected.
Lenore attempted to cast “Last Chance” on him to bring him back, but his wounds were too great.

Kira and I went to the roof to subdue the Thief, while Wynarr and Jagatai went after the individual whom went down the alley; they got away through trickery.

We brought Neden inside, bound all his wounds, and placed him in a Circle of Well being that I reinforced with my own live essence. The handy blessing was applied to him as well. After the appropriate time had passed, then we applied a last chance salve and it was enough to bring him back.

We quickly made our escape and interrogate the prisoner. He was very forth coming with information, though it also appears that one of Neden’s party members is well versed in effective interrogation methods.

The assassin was hired by a human woman going by the name Jatta who ‘had money to throw around’ and she had expensive tastes.
The weapon used was part of some ritual and turned out to be Neden’s own training sword, that up until that point was in possession by Therans.
There was a trifecta of the attack. Jatta being a nethermancer illusionist, cast Bone Shatter and Constrict Heart as a combined action. An accomplice posing as a merchant that offered a poisoned potion. And the Thief on the roof who was instructed to have the weapon visibly displayed for 2 rounds before striking the target.

==9 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 45/4 1069 TE==

Notes from inside Macaron, Neden and group give us additional information. Planning. A messenger Pidgeon arrives!

The elites are there somewhere.
The troops are in the 4 central corner towers, we will be entering from the south-east central tower.
Slave pens are in the lower of the center-south, this is rumor
Azem keel is in the center-west – west dome
General Nikar, under the griffin roost
The slave master is in the slave tower – 6th circle beastmaster and 7th rank of Dis

2 orc scorcher brigades are going to attack from the north

==12 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 46/2 1069 TE==

A messenger pigeon arrived informing us that there was an air battle yesterday. Throal lost one ship, V’strimon lost 2, Theran got damaged.

Lenore and Kira watch through the wall to inform us when the dwarves are in position. They eventually take up position at the edge of fire cannon range and tease them.

Prior to the battle we all take a Kelia’s Antidote and booster potion (5).
The signal is given and the obsidimen tear down the wall and we pour through.
The first room we encounter is 4 hex large with a squad of archer preparing for their shift, we fireball and charge though them as if they were not even there.

After a small courtyard we go into the east dome, it appears to be a bureaucratic center with a large ornate atrium with a few guards.
One of the bureaucrats asks who we are and what we are doing there. We respond with “we are Lynx, perhaps you have heard of us” and then Wynarr lets forth an explosive flame arrow.

Dederick headed across the room taking out a survivor from Wynarr’s blast and bars/locks the north door.
Jagatai, and Kira take out the south archer cubby holes by the east inner gate.
Lenore conjures a horror like spirit and aids the battle on the east.
Wynarr gives his attention to the northeast archers.
The dwarves rush through and go through the east gate asking us to disable it to keep it open.

Wynarr and I begin to harass the fire cannon crews, he was much more effective as his flames were real. He notices the container of ammo that the loader was transporting and targeted it.
The resulting explosion was well timed with the opening of the outer gate. A clear signal to Calvary to charge.
Meanwhile Kira charged forth and battled alongside the dwarves, and Jagatai went and locked the other door and kept an eye out for the rear flank.
Lenore did supporting actions at attempting to disable the door and directing her summoned creature.

Wynarr notices someone that looked important, they appeared to be the taskmaster for the fire cannon crews. He was quickly dispatched which then caused the fire cannon crews to abandon their posts and turn to us.

Then suddenly shadows of griffins were seen overhead and 5 were swooping down upon us.

==12 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 46/2 1069 TE==

The griffins landed and took up positions to try to squash our little disturbance, there were 5 total.
Several take up position to deal with Lenore’s summon and the others spread out.

We generally make them have a bad day, likely to their surprise.

After a few rounds the dwarven Calvary arrive and we successfully considered the entrance taken.
We inform the dwarves that we are headed to the command center to take out Carinci when they suggest we take out his mount first.
Wynarr successfully paralyzes Lightwing (and claims dibs) and then thanks to Lenore casting metal wings the rest of the team arrived and waited in the stable.
Carinci eventually entered the room and then had a very bad day. Another victory.

We quickly make our way to secure military documents from being destroyed by the slaves. So much information that we now have access to.

Meanwhile Wynarr and Lenore head over to the east fire cannons to help do something with the Theran airship The Righteous.
The dwarves thought this was a good idea and joined in.
Using his last ounce of strength, Wynarr fired a shot at the command staff. This annoyed the troll captain and caused him to not even consider retreat. Another victory.

In the aftermath, we discover that they were in possession by an original map made by Jasper Hillwalker and were attempting to use the Liferock to power a blood ritual on barsaive itself.

The triumph is now under the control of the Ayodhya, Lynx, Throal, V’strimon alliance.

Mission Report - Operation Buttercup

10 Mawag 1509 – 17 Raquas 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

==10 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 26/5 1069 TE==

We restocked our supplies and headed off to Kratas aboard The New Moon.

==16 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 28/1 1069 TE==

We arrived at Kratas.
Every thief and their cousin were eying us (and my shield)
We turned over the information to our contact and left town with our belongings.

==20 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 28/5 1069 TE==

Arrived near Lake Ban via The New Moon and began our way towards V’strimon on foot / ferry.

==21 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 29/1 1069 TE==

We arrived in V’strimon and setup a drop box to receive mail for us.
We then gathered a few supplies and headed to our rendezvous with Action Team Manticore and the team of non-combatants

  • Questor of Upandal
  • 3x miner adepts
  • 2x laborer adepts

==22 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 29/2 1069 TE==

I created a flying carpet form the cloth, and Wynarr piloted our group to the other side of the river.
It was pouring down rain the entire time so we had good cover as we made it to the cave.
Inside the cave were 3 stingers, Jagatai was stung and we had to nurse him back to health.

==23 Mawag 1509 TH ~~ 29/3 1069 TE==

After resting we began the work we have set out to do.
Lenore and Azra summons earth elementals to help the diggers.
Shai-lan, Americk, Wynarr are working security
Caradoc is helping with the mining.
Dederick is aiding the recovery of Jagatai
Lenore and Kira were going into the Kaer to investigate the drainage.

Lenore summons a water elemental to pump the water.
Work progress continues.

==7 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 32/2 1069 TE==

We have cleared a passage from the stinger cave to the hand chamber and to the Kaer.
A single person can walk easily with gear
The water level is ankle deep in the highest point and waist deep in the farm.

Plan to reduce the incoming water from the spring.
Azra and Lenore work to get the ventilation system working again and the pumps back online for longer term support.

Americk and Dederick look at the wards. They are keyed into a mosaic at the bottom of the shaft. It is tied to the idea of Macron. If you had not been there, it makes it hard to learn about. Those that knew about it are incapable of remembering it.
Kira has been searching for traps, wealth, and other things. There is a lot to go through.
Jagatai is in charge of the forge, and to work closely with the digging crews.
The best place to start digging towards the life rock has been found and that work has begun.

Living quarters and comforts are trying to be met to the best ability that we have. Priority of comfort is for the laborers as they are doing the most exhaustive work.

The Kaer had about 1800 citizens when the horror entered, there were 70-100 windlings, around a dozen t’skrang, and the rest were humans and dwarves.
There were many blood charms of Marrek make, some in their original containers.
Everything in the Kaer was done in a fashion that made it easy to use or repair. Often maintenance instructions were attached to the equipment in question.

==15 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 33/5 1069 TE==

Having established what can be considered a stable working environment, we sent off our report and requested the ward specialist. Our request was approved and we were told to meet at a location tonight.

As we made our way to the meeting location we noted the Theran patrol is operating at a heightened state then normal. A single airship is heavily patrolling a northern wedge shaped route.
At the meeting location we are introduced to our important person and their bodyguard.
Disci Minue – The illusionist ward specialist
Vemen Ballo – The troll bodyguard – Royal guard – Sky raider nethermancer

As we make our way back, Lenore and Kira notice a group sneaking around headed in the direction of the Triumph. We immediately use Nobody here and Kira and Lenore make out that it is a group of 6 orks wearing Theran uniforms and concealed with dark cloaks. One of them says Foxhole.

==17 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 34/2 1069 TE==

During our approach back we hear from the darkness.. Halt who goes there! And we disappear thanks to the spell Nobody Here.
They appear to be Theran military on patrol, about 10 of them.
5 warriors and 5 archers approximately 2nd circle, one of the archers is 3rd. Fairly standard Theran legionnaires, Elvan.

They seemed suspicious and got too close for comfort, we had to engage. We defeated them but unfortunately they got a horn call off. We are remaining vigilant as we make our way back to Macaron.

==18 Gahmil 1509 TH ~~ 34/3 1069 TE==

Disci begins looking at the at the wards, her bodyguard is vigilant.
Digging continues, the shaft extends off from the Temple area at about a 45 degree angle incline.

==1 Holiday 1509 TH ~~ 37/1 1069 TE==

In accordance with tradition, we set aside 5 days of celebration.

==3 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 38/3 1069 TE==

Around midday there was a startling bit of excitement from the tunnel as we reached the Liferock and were meet by an obsidimen named Oron.

We conversed a bit about the situation, a very concerning note is that the Therans are consuming the life force of the Liferock to power something. After finishing our initial pleasantries he meditated against the Liferock, meanwhile Lenore contacted Marrek.

After awhile an obsidimen named Taro emerged, after crossing the warding he staggers for a moment and then could remember everything.
He indicates that he is a stonemason and that he worked on helping create the Kaer.

We receive back a message to assist however we can while maintaining the secrecy of Marrek. Additionally the digging team will be sent back to Marrek.
The obsidimen wish to send out a messenger to V’strimon to try and contact Omasu and some others.

A messenger adept named Shari eventually emerged, we have agreed to escort them.
Many obsidimen have emerged and taken up duties around the Kaer, it is coming back to life. They now have hope and the foundation to do something about their current situation.

==4 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 38/4 1069 TE==

We discuss Goals with Canaery, an obsidimen troubadour

We take Shari out towards V’strimon.
The airship patrols have returned back to normal. The foot patrol is the normal 5 man team.
Lenore uses metal wings for us to cross the river.

2 days later arrive in V’strimon.
Jigga the snitch has a talk with Kira. Topic of what has been going on in our absence..

Battle on the serpent river K’tenshin vs V’strimon – Ishkarat tried and failed to take Eidolon.
Dwarves want to build a bridge up at tensardia
Orks from Cara Fahd came through, then shortly after the Triumph went on higher alert.
A merchant from Lankarden was found murdered in their home after that situation.
Theran elemental mining has increased. More to the death sea.
Orks are going back to Cara Fahd.
Thargon one-eye

An open task that needs to be fulfilled.
One of their tasks is to keep an eye out for a particular adventurer. Amber the boneless
Amber is the last survivor of the swords of riverville. Human Scout
Came back to barsaive about 2 years, has unnatural

Throal has found a new large vein of tin

Boatchers Brood is in V’strimon and Kira just went to find info for them.
The orks in town were liberators who were wanting a way into the triumph.

==9 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 39/4 1069 TE==

We make lots of plans and discussions and in the form of meetings, and at some point I Name my improved Karma spell.

The military strengths of the Theran.
General Nikar Carinci, a 10th circle cavalryman
Griffin riders are 5th circle cavalryman

Captain Drak Windsearcher – Righteous
Captain Solen Ogani – Defiant

The elites are a group of 5th circle with group pattern
Affern, a human Archer
Oortaal, an ork Nethermancer from Vasgothia
Landrial, an elf Scout from the Theran province of Creana
Gradan Sharpaxe and Larm Keenedge, a dwarf Warrior and Weaponsmith respectively, brothers from southwestern Barsaive
Praylar Sightshifter, a troll Illusionist from the Caralkspur Mountains in Vivane province

The elementalist windling Azim Keel and his group of elementalist

The tunnel made it to the air gaps by the outer wall. They are making preparations to make a tunnel to breech to the interior.
The farms are up and running, they are preparing to awaken more obsidimen to form a militia.
The beastmaster and pigeon carriers arrived and setup the message route.
The beastmaster name is marrel, elf. The brother is derral. Redneck elves hired by Omasu.

==17 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 41/2 1069 TE==

We make preparations to leave, with an obsidimen troubadour vetter.
We encounter a Theran patrol group, and we quickly dispatch them and try out best to cover our tracks.

Mission Report - State of Ayodhya II

21 Charassa 1509 – 12 Rua 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

We headed south to v’strimon with little trouble.

We began our search by inspecting k’tan a small village that the therans are using as a dock for their outpost.
Two warships are commonly found here The unlikely mercy, The rampaging trout.

An infiltration mission into the outpost gave us the following information.
List of ‘passwords’
Shipping logging (incoming/outgoing)
Paylist of soldiers stationed here
Bulk food supplies come in this way.

Tend to get shipments in regularly, 2x a week. Usually the same 2 ships
27 men, paid weekly
Lead by a seargeant, no one currently ‘officer wages’

Back in v’strimon we spotted the same windling female from Mission Report – Airship Appropriation we lost track of her in the markets.

Information overview:
Soldier/slave food stuffs
raw materials for minor crafting/repairs
The boats are k’tension crew covenants, but owned by Carenci
Trash pit is outside near the citadel, daily dumped by slaves

airships from skypoint and servalen
river boats in from k’tenshin – The unlikely mercy, The rampaging trout (replaced the dewey eyed lady) ; ~1 every 3 days a boat arrives
airship schedule is more irregular – servalen :
The righteous – kiela (part of river defenses)
The defiant – kiela (patrols on serpent river)
Vedets – taken from skypoint fleet : The amethyst and moonstone (mining vedets but also due courier duties) [often mine thunder mounts and mountains north of urupa]
2x combat vedets – supply the kiela and patrol the areas : the dauntless and the ferocious (7th fleet from skypoint)
Patrols have not been doing much other then being there.
Captain Drack Windsearcher commands the airship fleet – friend of Carenci, from vasgothia
Mining trips take about 2 weeks.
On rare occasions a theran merchant airship from one of the houses.
The spire is within the airdome.
3 earth coins for info. From t’sarluak

The vedets skim the river/water for true water.

We had the idea to see if we could tunnel under the wall, Lenore wanted a closer inspection of the area.
We approached the citadel from the northwest, the landscape is karst. We eventually found a small cave which Wynarr could fit in, Lenore and Kira turned into bats to explore.

They navigate through the tunnels for almost a day but come upon a crossroads, the larger path leads to an opening that is hidden from view, however it has a nest of stingers. Wynarr makes quick work of them.

We met up and I stated how we should be thourough, so the rest of the cave was explored. One passage led into what we later learned was a Kaer.

NOTE: any obsidiman reading beyond this point will have difficulty. Please take appropriate measures.

We went down a different path, found some bones that of tskrangs that are over 100 years old (before throal opened up)
Found a namegiver made room, its essentially a large cylinder with a staircase on the outer wall and mostly filled with water. The ceiling appears to be 60 feet above the water level. At the top of the stairs is a passage leading off of it.

After climbing the stairs and entering the passage we find more dead. Eventually we find a door that has active wards… Kaer wards specifically. We found the front door to a broken Kaer, the rest of the kaer must be under the water.
We disarm the kaer wards and follow where this passage leads to. It appears to have been a natural cave, we eventually came to location of a natural cave in.
We dig out a small passage and determine this entrance is approx 200 yards north and 700 yards east of the east gate of the Triumph.
Using this positional information, we found a point in the kaer that is less than 600 yards of tunnel away from under the citadel.

Curious about what riches might have been left, and not seeing any obvious corruption Kira and I explore the water. His horror sink effectively alerts us to a rapidly approaching presence.
We quickly get to the top of the stairs and prepare for a defense. The horror is an undefinable mass with many tentacles. Its very shape defies explanation, and gazing upon it is a disorienting experience.
We quickly determined this thing is heavily armored and difficult to hit. Additionally when it got close, it feels like it is draining the magic in the area.

The battle was tough, but through teamwork and force of will we shrugged off its attacks and defeated the foe!

Kira, Lenore, and I began an underwater exploration to determine what we had found. This Kaer was named Macaron.

The kaer has glyphs with illusion magic related to vestrial, that is beyond me.
At the bottom, approx 40 feet, there are 6 paths.
In the center of the room is an air elevator.
This kaer appears to be lower-middle class, approx population 1500
The 6 tunnels:
The farms
The drains are located here.
Living Quarters 1
Standard living quarters.
Living Quarters 2
A ceiling gave way and an aquifer has seeped in from here. The natural flow of drinking water eroded a larger path, the drains cannot keep up.
Food stuffs, seeds, post scourge stuff, true elements.
Large space devoted to the passions, and has wards with magical containment. Served as an assembly hall, ritual site.
This area is closer to the liferock. Maybe only 200 yards
There were serious magic defense, lots of bones, serious fighting. There were 3 layers of defenses. We find magical arms and armor.
We find a windling sword – reeks of air elemental magic
We think we have enough information to bring in a kaer clean team.
We found a passage which should be closer to the liferock.

We made contact with New Marrek and were told to head to a specific location, we were picked up by the New Moon and rushed into a debriefing with Jern, Ferd, Benton, Norkab, and Sarakos

Mission Report - Obsidiman investigation

This report is for the eyes of Norkab only.

25 Velttom 1509 – 30 Velttom 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

During the night we received a special mission.

North of Kratas there is believed to be an obsidiman liferock, we are to locate a member of this brotherhood and fully study their pattern and submit that pattern analysis.

It took a little investigation but we manged to narrow down an area where there had been spotting of obsidiman.

We were ambushed by an elementalist and a beastmaster (and their pets). They narrowly got away but we managed to capture the elementalist.

Lenore studied their pattern and we also learned that they were a 180 year old elementalist named Kern.

Mission Report - State of Ayodhya

29 Strassa 1509 – 14 Charassa 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

We left with the the objective to determine the state of the Ayodhya life rock, and if possible make contact with the Ayodhya brotherhood.
Accompanying us is Action Team Manticore (Caradoc, Americk, Azra, Shai-lan)

We make our way V’strimon with little trouble and start gathering information.

Overgovernor Kypros was unaware this operation we being planned
The triumph is commanded by Nikar Carinci.
Military troops include the 8th legion from skypoint, and the 5th legion (brought with). Roughly 1000 warriors
Everything within about 1/2 days walk is under theran control.
A wealthy obsidiman named Omasu is not happy about the triumph sitting on his liferock.
There are a huge number of slaves
K’Tenshin has done most of the river enforcement and shorline claiming.
Vivane merchants have started to move in to take advantage.
Servalen setting up a large slave market.
Theran merchants on west shore are from house caranci.
Under the city, been brining in a lot of slaves.
Elf named mabon arbos – slavemaster – in charge of major construction projects that involve using slaves.
Brought in about 200 slaves and have ships brining in more.
He is a bit of a beast. Most likely a dis worshiper.
Ork with a strong visgothian accent, several in the group that were looking into stuff. Likely counter-intelligence.
Fortress has 3 gates : east, west, north
The fortress and its walls completly cover the liferock
Twelve guard towers, at night there are searchlights
Outside the city is a couple 5 man patrols

We located another member of the brotherhood named Gorad. They are a dockworker and was wanting information.

A closer operation determined that the fire cannons are of superior make and can target individuals.
There is an elemental air net over the citadel
Also a phallic symbol was drawn on one of the towers, they did not approve.

Team Manticore was sent to another objective and we gained secondary mission – long term
Develop a channel into the fortress (look for opportunities, develop contacts, etc)
Backers are currently group of Urupa merchants, backup Eye of Throal.

A letter was crafted and sent to Omasu.
While we waited we recieved a quest from Captain S’dek of the Morning Dew
We were asked to go to Marrek and ask the alchemist Menta Redbeard about delivering the package for the widdow J’dar.
Take this package to Jill’has a dockworker in P’kralan.
Jill’has would give us another item which we need to bring back to S’dek.

We finish this operation sucessfully and when we arrive back we have a note requesting we got to the Girded Arms in Kratas and announce to the proprietor “lynx is here”

We book passage on a V’strimon military ship that is trying to run the blockade. Wynnar gets to show off his new explosive flame arrow and blew up a huge chunk of a K’tenshin ship (he hit their fire cannon and ammo storage).

We arrived in Daiche and made our way towards Kratas.

We arrived in Kratas and after few unfriendly encounters made our way to the girded arms and announced that “lynx is here”
That night we meet with an orc scorcher how discussed information and gave us a job :
Find out more information about their food supply.

We decided to head back overland, as water travel seemed more difficult.

Along the way we encountered a strange grove that was clear of astral taint, we spent a day studying it. Lenore summoned a spirit to converse with in hopes of learning more about the area. The spirit was from the netherworld of sylvar and unfortunately did not know much about the area, but we did have an interesting conversation on philosophy.

Further north we found a strange valley and within it there were 5 namegiver statues. 3 humans (2m, 1f), a female orc, and an elf.
There appeared to be some form of magic overlaid on their patterns.
This has been noted down for a specialist to study.

When we arrived back in Marrek the leader had been murdered!
Lenore bravely used her nethermancer abilities to relive their last moments, from this we established where they died (rather then where they were found).
It was extremely painful, with burning sensation and vomiting of blood. It felt like your insides were being liquified.
We perform some tracking and determine it was Ellen Lefair a washerwoman. We found 2 vials of the poison used, it appears to be a death cult.
We were publicly praised and covertly brought Ellen back for interrogation.

Mission Report - Groma pursuit

8 Borrum 1508 – 1 Strassa 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

Our primary objective is to locate the Groma of Jasper Hillwalker.

From previous missions we have learned that Marius the Even Handed was looking into Jasper Hillwalker’s past.
There was records of him meeting with Borgin son of Thrane, the last court troubador of the kingdom of Ustrect.

He died somewhere in Ustrect or Landis, the only clue being “He fell at the end of the water”

Our first objective was to locate more information, our options were either to head to the Great Library of Throal, or to Parlainth. We chose the path that did not raise the alerts of the Dwarves.

The political group “Justice for all” headed by the Ork Liberator Justice Bells is trying to ally Parlainth with Throal.

We located the main archives for a house, we found many cabinets of information covering topics such as : Thera, Navey, Parlainth, Dragons, Heaven heards, Indorisia.

Skypoint map
Maps of parlianth

indorisian – spies in theran empire, indorisian death cult infiltrating thearan society
heaven heards – dossiers, sketches – obelisks, structures, rights of protections and passage, backstories that dont quite make sense

Evenhanded – questor of mehnbruheh, and house mehndari
hillwalker died ~800 years before evenhanded, approx 1300 years from present

Person who opened skypoint was a dossier from heaven heards – Aeric the weaver
Heaven heards, a navey mission to Ustereck that was planned but never performed. To mordant veil with 2 ships + a bunch of troops

Mordant veil – home to the crimson x tribe of ustereck
Known for brilliant red dyes for cloth – allum deposits
Southern Delaris Mountains near the liaga river
Rockhorn troll moot controls the area
Books of hera were found in the vicinity of the Delaris Mountains.

We also found that there were others researching hillwalker: Aldelphis of hosue mendari, Baghra the fine winged of house Mendari.

We packed up as much as we could carry, some tablets, and a strange sealed box and headed back to New Marrek.

After a short jaunt of training we headed to Syrtis and go passage on an airship heading to Jerris. The Exultant Tempest captained by Maktosh the one handed (missing his right hand).

We headed to a local sage and tried to gather further information. The first thing we learned was that another group was asking for the same information just a few days earlier. We also learned that they were being tailed.

Doddle 23rd

We arrived at the town of Miracle and had a small celebration.
We successfully managed to get ahead of the dwarves on the road and decided that heading out on horseback would get us there before the boat arrived.

Along the way we encountered a small group of Cave Trolls, and later a Stone Lion

We arrived in the valley and navigated up towards our goal while managing to hide from the hunters from the nearby troll moot. Thankfully their airship was out raiding.

We managed to cross over the mountain and in the distance we saw the boat arriving and a camp being constructed.
The next day we explored and found a path heavily traveled by what we later would learn was Cadaver men. Along the way we encountered : Globberog, Troll Troll cadaver men, Felux, Wisps
We made camp in the remains of the agriculture town. Continuing on we found a paved trail that lead to the waterfall. There were steps going up to the plateau.

The top plateau had a fountain and 16 houses arranged in a pattern significant to elementalists. On the side of the mountain was a open Kaer door and had a lion motif design.
We opted to rest for awhile and during the night many wisps made their way up the waterfall to mingle by the fountain (they leave during day time)
We entered the Kaer and began disabling all the traps. Eventually we got to a section that was entirely made of crystal. We heard a voice from the other side of the door asking “what do we want”

Negotiations began and some of them began investigating their records; others entertained us with… singing. We managed to trade our friendly wisp for a sealed box that should be hillwalkers personal items.
We realized that this crystal was actually a huge Crystal Entity.

Satisfied that we had completed our job we left and made a trail that would be difficult to follow. We later found out that we had been marked by the horror.

Along the way through the overgrowth we were attacked by a Triplicant. During the fight I had perished.

We managed to escape the valley and make good time back to Miracle to find out that there was a plague around. After investigation we found and killed the cause, a Plague lizard. After yet another celebration we headed north back to Jerris.

Along they way we had to evade a mating group of Preces. As we approached Jerris we saw an airship fly full speed at it. A behemoth had been spotted heading east.

Lenore sent a message to New Marrek and we booked passage on an airship heading to K’Tenshin, whereby we booked passage on a riverboat heading to Syrtis. We saw the behemoth and its destination… It was parked on top of Ayodhya.

We made it back and were informed that all action teams were being recalled to form a strategy, the game has changed.

Mission Report - Scholarly Safeguard

18 Rakhas 1508 – 19 Teayu 1508

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

Given that time was critical we were authorized to grab an airship from Marrek and dropped off west of Throal. We arrived in Throal and began gathering information. There appeared to be a shortage of adventuring grouping due to a sizable bounty currently active to the southeast. There was another group in town that could have been a potential candidate.

Using previous contacts we established word that we were in town and available to work. Needless to say we were hired for the task.

Lenore, Kira, Wynarr, and myself embarked as bodyguards for Tamir Forrin, Janec Edrin, and Tela Ponell. We headed down the Coil River toward lake ban, then made our way down to the Mist swamps on a K’tenshin ship.

At one point our transport was attacked by the Henghyoke, with assistance of another boat we managed to mount a successful counter-attack. They started to flee and Kira noticed one of them acting suspicious and so followed them below deck and thwarted their attempt to cause the engine to explode.

In the mist swamps our employers met with Sevastos. Lenore utilized some nethermancy spells to eavesdrop on what was discussed. We left to the southeast through the badlands.

As we approached our destination we learned more about what they were looking for. The journal of Marius the Even Handed and his last known whereabouts was a trading outpost off of the river of bones which is a branch from the Iontos River.

Along the way we encountered the following:

  • Another group of adventurers, they appeared to be kaer hunting.
  • A pack of Gnashers, we funneled them into a cave to eradicate them; the cave potentially has merit for exploring.
  • Basilisk, they are weak to ranged attacks and are tasty
  • Chimera, tough critter

We managed to locate the trading outpost, it was in ruins. There was a storeroom with some interesting merchandise. Note there is a container of True water, it was too fragile from age/decay to transport. Nearby was the entrance to the Kaer they tried to use to survive the Scourge. We noted what appeared to be a construction project outside the entrance that… lacked creativity.

We eventually discovered that the Kaer was under the control of The Muse, a Wormskull that apparently made its way into the Kaer before it closed. The entire population had been turned into whom had retained much of their former selves and were compelled to create works of art. The art was of course horrible and corrupt.

While attempting to scout via night fliers we determined that The Muse was also a nethermancer, and had a spirit form of Marius the Even Handed.

The Muse being a Wormskull , everything was incredibly dessicated. We sent Wynarr into the Kaer with the task of starting a small fire. Needless to say this turned into a large fire and succeeded in raging every Cadaver men inside the Kaer; thus clearing out the population. The Muse without any more subjects left during the night and headed north.

Upon investigation we found the journal they were looking for and managed to copy the last 80% of it during the restoration process. There was also notable quantities of valuables discovered. One piece of art that was created were Orichalcum pillars (either solid or a coating, we could not discern) that was made from all the Orichalcum from the kaers warding glyphs.

We headed back to Trosk, the trip as uneventful as most of the major predators had been previously dealt with. During our Journey Kira would borrow the journal during the night so that Lenore could finish making the copy. Upon reaching Trosk she created a bone circle to inform New Marrek of the location of the Kaer and what riches were ripe for taking with the proper crew.

Our journey along the river was mostly uneventful, While staying in K’Tenshin was saw the windling female that fled during Mission Report – Airship Appropriation. We also had an attempted robbery by a known Thief.

We learned that what they were looking for was information about a Groma that Marius the Even Handed had interacted with before entering the Kaer. After reaching Ardanyan we received an armed escort to Throal and the mission was considered a good success.

Mission Report - Airship Appropriation

{Date range here} – 28 Gahmil 1508

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

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Mission Report - Parlainth Pickup

{Date range here}

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

Mission Report - Vivane Vacation

{Date range here}

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

Route of Travel Marreck – > ThroalIshkaratJerrisVivane

Found slaver encampment, dealt with them and saved many people.

Jerris city was on lockdown, suspected of horror infiltration. Corrupted spirit.

South of Jerris, Corrupted liferock

Vivane gather information about military strength. Collect uniform samples. Collect Regulations.

Journey back encountered storm hounds, ignored