Call of the Vigilant

Rival Gangs Part II (Charassa 8th - Rua 1st)

We quickly got our things together and set out along the caravan route to Ardanyan. We believed that The Juggler would go with a caravan since traveling alone is extremely dangerous. A couple of times on our journey we came across tracks of a T’skrang, and as T’skrang are unusual in that area hoped that they belonged to our quarry. We made good time and, since a small group on foot is faster than a caravan, we arrived in Ardanyan on the 13th only a few hours after The Juggler (by our best calculations). Dederick found out that only one T’skrang had come in with a Dwarven caravan and that he was in tavern catering to the passing caravans. This T’skrang did not match The Juggler’s description, in fact he was very plain. A closer examination with the help of Astral Sight revealed that the T’skrang was under a magical disguise and I quickly informed the others that this T’skrang was in fact our quarry.

We couldn’t just attack him in the town, so we decided to ambush him at the privy. Dederick, Saiph and myself went into the bar to keep an eye on The Juggler while the others set the trap at the privy. The Juggler was met by another T’skrang and something was exchanged between them. Unfortunately we couldn’t overhear their conversation. The 2nd T’skrang eventually left and The Juggler just sat nursing his ale. I was much surprised when Saiph got up and sat at The Juggler’s table. Both Dederick and I looked at each other confused, but chose not to interfere, hoping that Saiph had a plan.

They talked and drank for about an hour when The Juggler got up and headed towards the back door that lead to the privy. Saiph got up and followed. This seemed to make The Juggler suspicious and, thinking that he might just try and make a break for it, I chose to bolt through the door ahead of our quarry like a patron taken suddenly ill. I was glad I did this, for when The Juggler came through the door he looked like a female T’skrang. Still running towards the privy I tried to signal the others that the female T’skrang was our target, when Saiph suddenly came around the corner and grabbed The Juggler’s arm acting like he was drunk and trying to steal a kiss. Dederick then came up from behind and stabbed The Juggler. In the meantime I was in the privy weaving a thread for a spell (spell magic is not subtle and I was trying not to draw attention). Kira seemed confused by the proceedings and remained hidden behind the privy. I had no idea where Andros was. Saiph pinned The Juggler against the wall and I cast ‘Bone Dance’ at her, in the hope that it would keep her from running away. Unfortunately my spell failed, but Dederick got in another blow before The Juggler managed to escape from Saiph’s grip and start running down the side of the building yelling for help. Suddenly out of nowhere Andros barreled into The Juggler while charging with the thunder beast. The body flew several yards almost to the front of the building and being either unconscious or dead The Juggler was revealed in his true appearance.

Thinking quickly I ran towards Andros and thanked him profusely for saving me from the T’skrang. This convinced the crowed coming from the tavern that I was the woman that screamed for help and that The Juggler was my molester. If The Juggler was not dead after Andros’ hit, he was after the crowd got through with him. The guards believed me and Andros got several rounds of drinks from the dwarven merchants. Andros now has the reputation of being a heroic figure who rescues damsels in distress. It’s a funny world sometimes.

We went back to Bartertown and after a week (when The Juggler should have returned) we accosted the same T’skrang ganger as before wanting to know where his boss was. This was to keep up our previous role and to disconnect ourselves from The Juggler’s disappearance. We continued to wait around after that to see what would happen with the gangs. As we suspected, with The Juggler gone the Masks quickly took over. Our mission being successfully completed we headed back to New Marrek.