Call of the Vigilant

Pilgrimage Part I (Mawag 21 - Mawag 26)

We were given the mission to go on the T’skrang Pilgrimage in order to ask the the Prophetess a specific question about New Marrek. I volunteered to be the pilgrim. Surprisingly Dederick, Saiph and Kirra also decided to be pilgrims because they had their own questions to ask the Prophetess.

The Pilgrimage begins at the Ayodhya life rock, which we arrived at on the 24th of Mawag. We began our pilgrimage under the full moon as is traditional. Astral space is very clean around Ayodhya and on the pilgrimage route and I was curious about the spirits that might dwell there, but most of them were Earth spirits and I could not communicate with them. We made our way down to Lake Ban and V’strimon where we prayed at the six towers without incident.

We began making our way North along the pilgrimage route. We were not the only ones on the pilgrimage at this time. There were also some humans, a few T’skrang, one Obsidimen, and a rather large group of Dwarves. On the pilgrimage there are particular stopping points each day of the journey, so at night we got to talking with our fellow travelers. The Dwarves were 2 members of House Avalus (the ruling house of Throal) and their 12 bodyguards.