Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - State of Ayodhya II

21 Charassa 1509 – 12 Rua 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

We headed south to v’strimon with little trouble.

We began our search by inspecting k’tan a small village that the therans are using as a dock for their outpost.
Two warships are commonly found here The unlikely mercy, The rampaging trout.

An infiltration mission into the outpost gave us the following information.
List of ‘passwords’
Shipping logging (incoming/outgoing)
Paylist of soldiers stationed here
Bulk food supplies come in this way.

Tend to get shipments in regularly, 2x a week. Usually the same 2 ships
27 men, paid weekly
Lead by a seargeant, no one currently ‘officer wages’

Back in v’strimon we spotted the same windling female from Mission Report – Airship Appropriation we lost track of her in the markets.

Information overview:
Soldier/slave food stuffs
raw materials for minor crafting/repairs
The boats are k’tension crew covenants, but owned by Carenci
Trash pit is outside near the citadel, daily dumped by slaves

airships from skypoint and servalen
river boats in from k’tenshin – The unlikely mercy, The rampaging trout (replaced the dewey eyed lady) ; ~1 every 3 days a boat arrives
airship schedule is more irregular – servalen :
The righteous – kiela (part of river defenses)
The defiant – kiela (patrols on serpent river)
Vedets – taken from skypoint fleet : The amethyst and moonstone (mining vedets but also due courier duties) [often mine thunder mounts and mountains north of urupa]
2x combat vedets – supply the kiela and patrol the areas : the dauntless and the ferocious (7th fleet from skypoint)
Patrols have not been doing much other then being there.
Captain Drack Windsearcher commands the airship fleet – friend of Carenci, from vasgothia
Mining trips take about 2 weeks.
On rare occasions a theran merchant airship from one of the houses.
The spire is within the airdome.
3 earth coins for info. From t’sarluak

The vedets skim the river/water for true water.

We had the idea to see if we could tunnel under the wall, Lenore wanted a closer inspection of the area.
We approached the citadel from the northwest, the landscape is karst. We eventually found a small cave which Wynarr could fit in, Lenore and Kira turned into bats to explore.

They navigate through the tunnels for almost a day but come upon a crossroads, the larger path leads to an opening that is hidden from view, however it has a nest of stingers. Wynarr makes quick work of them.

We met up and I stated how we should be thourough, so the rest of the cave was explored. One passage led into what we later learned was a Kaer.

NOTE: any obsidiman reading beyond this point will have difficulty. Please take appropriate measures.

We went down a different path, found some bones that of tskrangs that are over 100 years old (before throal opened up)
Found a namegiver made room, its essentially a large cylinder with a staircase on the outer wall and mostly filled with water. The ceiling appears to be 60 feet above the water level. At the top of the stairs is a passage leading off of it.

After climbing the stairs and entering the passage we find more dead. Eventually we find a door that has active wards… Kaer wards specifically. We found the front door to a broken Kaer, the rest of the kaer must be under the water.
We disarm the kaer wards and follow where this passage leads to. It appears to have been a natural cave, we eventually came to location of a natural cave in.
We dig out a small passage and determine this entrance is approx 200 yards north and 700 yards east of the east gate of the Triumph.
Using this positional information, we found a point in the kaer that is less than 600 yards of tunnel away from under the citadel.

Curious about what riches might have been left, and not seeing any obvious corruption Kira and I explore the water. His horror sink effectively alerts us to a rapidly approaching presence.
We quickly get to the top of the stairs and prepare for a defense. The horror is an undefinable mass with many tentacles. Its very shape defies explanation, and gazing upon it is a disorienting experience.
We quickly determined this thing is heavily armored and difficult to hit. Additionally when it got close, it feels like it is draining the magic in the area.

The battle was tough, but through teamwork and force of will we shrugged off its attacks and defeated the foe!

Kira, Lenore, and I began an underwater exploration to determine what we had found. This Kaer was named Macaron.

The kaer has glyphs with illusion magic related to vestrial, that is beyond me.
At the bottom, approx 40 feet, there are 6 paths.
In the center of the room is an air elevator.
This kaer appears to be lower-middle class, approx population 1500
The 6 tunnels:
The farms
The drains are located here.
Living Quarters 1
Standard living quarters.
Living Quarters 2
A ceiling gave way and an aquifer has seeped in from here. The natural flow of drinking water eroded a larger path, the drains cannot keep up.
Food stuffs, seeds, post scourge stuff, true elements.
Large space devoted to the passions, and has wards with magical containment. Served as an assembly hall, ritual site.
This area is closer to the liferock. Maybe only 200 yards
There were serious magic defense, lots of bones, serious fighting. There were 3 layers of defenses. We find magical arms and armor.
We find a windling sword – reeks of air elemental magic
We think we have enough information to bring in a kaer clean team.
We found a passage which should be closer to the liferock.

We made contact with New Marrek and were told to head to a specific location, we were picked up by the New Moon and rushed into a debriefing with Jern, Ferd, Benton, Norkab, and Sarakos