Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - State of Ayodhya

29 Strassa 1509 – 14 Charassa 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

We left with the the objective to determine the state of the Ayodhya life rock, and if possible make contact with the Ayodhya brotherhood.
Accompanying us is Action Team Manticore (Caradoc, Americk, Azra, Shai-lan)

We make our way V’strimon with little trouble and start gathering information.

Overgovernor Kypros was unaware this operation we being planned
The triumph is commanded by Nikar Carinci.
Military troops include the 8th legion from skypoint, and the 5th legion (brought with). Roughly 1000 warriors
Everything within about 1/2 days walk is under theran control.
A wealthy obsidiman named Omasu is not happy about the triumph sitting on his liferock.
There are a huge number of slaves
K’Tenshin has done most of the river enforcement and shorline claiming.
Vivane merchants have started to move in to take advantage.
Servalen setting up a large slave market.
Theran merchants on west shore are from house caranci.
Under the city, been brining in a lot of slaves.
Elf named mabon arbos – slavemaster – in charge of major construction projects that involve using slaves.
Brought in about 200 slaves and have ships brining in more.
He is a bit of a beast. Most likely a dis worshiper.
Ork with a strong visgothian accent, several in the group that were looking into stuff. Likely counter-intelligence.
Fortress has 3 gates : east, west, north
The fortress and its walls completly cover the liferock
Twelve guard towers, at night there are searchlights
Outside the city is a couple 5 man patrols

We located another member of the brotherhood named Gorad. They are a dockworker and was wanting information.

A closer operation determined that the fire cannons are of superior make and can target individuals.
There is an elemental air net over the citadel
Also a phallic symbol was drawn on one of the towers, they did not approve.

Team Manticore was sent to another objective and we gained secondary mission – long term
Develop a channel into the fortress (look for opportunities, develop contacts, etc)
Backers are currently group of Urupa merchants, backup Eye of Throal.

A letter was crafted and sent to Omasu.
While we waited we recieved a quest from Captain S’dek of the Morning Dew
We were asked to go to Marrek and ask the alchemist Menta Redbeard about delivering the package for the widdow J’dar.
Take this package to Jill’has a dockworker in P’kralan.
Jill’has would give us another item which we need to bring back to S’dek.

We finish this operation sucessfully and when we arrive back we have a note requesting we got to the Girded Arms in Kratas and announce to the proprietor “lynx is here”

We book passage on a V’strimon military ship that is trying to run the blockade. Wynnar gets to show off his new explosive flame arrow and blew up a huge chunk of a K’tenshin ship (he hit their fire cannon and ammo storage).

We arrived in Daiche and made our way towards Kratas.

We arrived in Kratas and after few unfriendly encounters made our way to the girded arms and announced that “lynx is here”
That night we meet with an orc scorcher how discussed information and gave us a job :
Find out more information about their food supply.

We decided to head back overland, as water travel seemed more difficult.

Along the way we encountered a strange grove that was clear of astral taint, we spent a day studying it. Lenore summoned a spirit to converse with in hopes of learning more about the area. The spirit was from the netherworld of sylvar and unfortunately did not know much about the area, but we did have an interesting conversation on philosophy.

Further north we found a strange valley and within it there were 5 namegiver statues. 3 humans (2m, 1f), a female orc, and an elf.
There appeared to be some form of magic overlaid on their patterns.
This has been noted down for a specialist to study.

When we arrived back in Marrek the leader had been murdered!
Lenore bravely used her nethermancer abilities to relive their last moments, from this we established where they died (rather then where they were found).
It was extremely painful, with burning sensation and vomiting of blood. It felt like your insides were being liquified.
We perform some tracking and determine it was Ellen Lefair a washerwoman. We found 2 vials of the poison used, it appears to be a death cult.
We were publicly praised and covertly brought Ellen back for interrogation.