Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - Scholarly Safeguard

18 Rakhas 1508 – 19 Teayu 1508

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

Given that time was critical we were authorized to grab an airship from Marrek and dropped off west of Throal. We arrived in Throal and began gathering information. There appeared to be a shortage of adventuring grouping due to a sizable bounty currently active to the southeast. There was another group in town that could have been a potential candidate.

Using previous contacts we established word that we were in town and available to work. Needless to say we were hired for the task.

Lenore, Kira, Wynarr, and myself embarked as bodyguards for Tamir Forrin, Janec Edrin, and Tela Ponell. We headed down the Coil River toward lake ban, then made our way down to the Mist swamps on a K’tenshin ship.

At one point our transport was attacked by the Henghyoke, with assistance of another boat we managed to mount a successful counter-attack. They started to flee and Kira noticed one of them acting suspicious and so followed them below deck and thwarted their attempt to cause the engine to explode.

In the mist swamps our employers met with Sevastos. Lenore utilized some nethermancy spells to eavesdrop on what was discussed. We left to the southeast through the badlands.

As we approached our destination we learned more about what they were looking for. The journal of Marius the Even Handed and his last known whereabouts was a trading outpost off of the river of bones which is a branch from the Iontos River.

Along the way we encountered the following:

  • Another group of adventurers, they appeared to be kaer hunting.
  • A pack of Gnashers, we funneled them into a cave to eradicate them; the cave potentially has merit for exploring.
  • Basilisk, they are weak to ranged attacks and are tasty
  • Chimera, tough critter

We managed to locate the trading outpost, it was in ruins. There was a storeroom with some interesting merchandise. Note there is a container of True water, it was too fragile from age/decay to transport. Nearby was the entrance to the Kaer they tried to use to survive the Scourge. We noted what appeared to be a construction project outside the entrance that… lacked creativity.

We eventually discovered that the Kaer was under the control of The Muse, a Wormskull that apparently made its way into the Kaer before it closed. The entire population had been turned into whom had retained much of their former selves and were compelled to create works of art. The art was of course horrible and corrupt.

While attempting to scout via night fliers we determined that The Muse was also a nethermancer, and had a spirit form of Marius the Even Handed.

The Muse being a Wormskull , everything was incredibly dessicated. We sent Wynarr into the Kaer with the task of starting a small fire. Needless to say this turned into a large fire and succeeded in raging every Cadaver men inside the Kaer; thus clearing out the population. The Muse without any more subjects left during the night and headed north.

Upon investigation we found the journal they were looking for and managed to copy the last 80% of it during the restoration process. There was also notable quantities of valuables discovered. One piece of art that was created were Orichalcum pillars (either solid or a coating, we could not discern) that was made from all the Orichalcum from the kaers warding glyphs.

We headed back to Trosk, the trip as uneventful as most of the major predators had been previously dealt with. During our Journey Kira would borrow the journal during the night so that Lenore could finish making the copy. Upon reaching Trosk she created a bone circle to inform New Marrek of the location of the Kaer and what riches were ripe for taking with the proper crew.

Our journey along the river was mostly uneventful, While staying in K’Tenshin was saw the windling female that fled during Mission Report – Airship Appropriation. We also had an attempted robbery by a known Thief.

We learned that what they were looking for was information about a Groma that Marius the Even Handed had interacted with before entering the Kaer. After reaching Ardanyan we received an armed escort to Throal and the mission was considered a good success.