Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - Pilgrimage

21 Mawag 1507 – 11 Gahmil 1507

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

The pilgrimage was a success and our requested question was answered as follows: {Insert response here}

On the 24th we began making our way North along the pilgrimage route, taking necessary preparation for the 15 day journey. We were not the only ones on the pilgrimage at this time. There were also some humans, a few T’skrang, one Obsidimen, and a rather large group of Dwarves

Aside from the bodyguards, one of the dwarves was of the House Avalus and his unidentified friend whom later was discovered to be King Varulus III of Throal.
As a direct result of this we encountered several assassins whom were dealt with as follows:

Dwarven beastmaster : Used turf cutter beetles in an ambush along trail, attacked indiscriminately. Status: killed
Human elementalist : Attempted to sneak in during the night at the inn and made an attack specifically at the target then fled. Status: Captured, interrogated, let go.
Ork elementalist : Ambush along trail using puddle deep and blizzard sphere, attacked indiscriminately. Status: killed
Troll : Ambush in the Canyon of a Thousand Voices. Status: Leader and one accomplice killed, 2 escaped
Windling : Ambushed the dwarven party as they crossed the Aildar pilgrim’s bridge by 2 archers and 1 unseen, the dwarf was heavily wounded. A second attempt was potentially thwarted by the city guards on high alert. Status: escaped

On the 9th of Gahmil we reached the city of Syrtis we found out that the ‘friend’ was in fact the king of throal in disguise. He met us and personally thanked us with a token of his esteem.
He also asked us to consider keeping a journal of our adventures so that they can be added to the great library of Throal. This journal will be of our adventuring group alter-ego Lynx.
Additionally during our travels I asked if they would be of interest in knowing who had arranged these assassination attempts, to which I used my opportunity at the oracle to discern. The response was as follows: {insert response here}
I am hoping this information will be useful in improving relations.