Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - Groma pursuit

8 Borrum 1508 – 1 Strassa 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

Our primary objective is to locate the Groma of Jasper Hillwalker.

From previous missions we have learned that Marius the Even Handed was looking into Jasper Hillwalker’s past.
There was records of him meeting with Borgin son of Thrane, the last court troubador of the kingdom of Ustrect.

He died somewhere in Ustrect or Landis, the only clue being “He fell at the end of the water”

Our first objective was to locate more information, our options were either to head to the Great Library of Throal, or to Parlainth. We chose the path that did not raise the alerts of the Dwarves.

The political group “Justice for all” headed by the Ork Liberator Justice Bells is trying to ally Parlainth with Throal.

We located the main archives for a house, we found many cabinets of information covering topics such as : Thera, Navey, Parlainth, Dragons, Heaven heards, Indorisia.

Skypoint map
Maps of parlianth

indorisian – spies in theran empire, indorisian death cult infiltrating thearan society
heaven heards – dossiers, sketches – obelisks, structures, rights of protections and passage, backstories that dont quite make sense

Evenhanded – questor of mehnbruheh, and house mehndari
hillwalker died ~800 years before evenhanded, approx 1300 years from present

Person who opened skypoint was a dossier from heaven heards – Aeric the weaver
Heaven heards, a navey mission to Ustereck that was planned but never performed. To mordant veil with 2 ships + a bunch of troops

Mordant veil – home to the crimson x tribe of ustereck
Known for brilliant red dyes for cloth – allum deposits
Southern Delaris Mountains near the liaga river
Rockhorn troll moot controls the area
Books of hera were found in the vicinity of the Delaris Mountains.

We also found that there were others researching hillwalker: Aldelphis of hosue mendari, Baghra the fine winged of house Mendari.

We packed up as much as we could carry, some tablets, and a strange sealed box and headed back to New Marrek.

After a short jaunt of training we headed to Syrtis and go passage on an airship heading to Jerris. The Exultant Tempest captained by Maktosh the one handed (missing his right hand).

We headed to a local sage and tried to gather further information. The first thing we learned was that another group was asking for the same information just a few days earlier. We also learned that they were being tailed.

Doddle 23rd

We arrived at the town of Miracle and had a small celebration.
We successfully managed to get ahead of the dwarves on the road and decided that heading out on horseback would get us there before the boat arrived.

Along the way we encountered a small group of Cave Trolls, and later a Stone Lion

We arrived in the valley and navigated up towards our goal while managing to hide from the hunters from the nearby troll moot. Thankfully their airship was out raiding.

We managed to cross over the mountain and in the distance we saw the boat arriving and a camp being constructed.
The next day we explored and found a path heavily traveled by what we later would learn was Cadaver men. Along the way we encountered : Globberog, Troll Troll cadaver men, Felux, Wisps
We made camp in the remains of the agriculture town. Continuing on we found a paved trail that lead to the waterfall. There were steps going up to the plateau.

The top plateau had a fountain and 16 houses arranged in a pattern significant to elementalists. On the side of the mountain was a open Kaer door and had a lion motif design.
We opted to rest for awhile and during the night many wisps made their way up the waterfall to mingle by the fountain (they leave during day time)
We entered the Kaer and began disabling all the traps. Eventually we got to a section that was entirely made of crystal. We heard a voice from the other side of the door asking “what do we want”

Negotiations began and some of them began investigating their records; others entertained us with… singing. We managed to trade our friendly wisp for a sealed box that should be hillwalkers personal items.
We realized that this crystal was actually a huge Crystal Entity.

Satisfied that we had completed our job we left and made a trail that would be difficult to follow. We later found out that we had been marked by the horror.

Along the way through the overgrowth we were attacked by a Triplicant. During the fight I had perished.

We managed to escape the valley and make good time back to Miracle to find out that there was a plague around. After investigation we found and killed the cause, a Plague lizard. After yet another celebration we headed north back to Jerris.

Along they way we had to evade a mating group of Preces. As we approached Jerris we saw an airship fly full speed at it. A behemoth had been spotted heading east.

Lenore sent a message to New Marrek and we booked passage on an airship heading to K’Tenshin, whereby we booked passage on a riverboat heading to Syrtis. We saw the behemoth and its destination… It was parked on top of Ayodhya.

We made it back and were informed that all action teams were being recalled to form a strategy, the game has changed.