Call of the Vigilant

Mission Report - Birthday, Assassins, and Triumph

21 Raquas 1509 – 12 Sollus 1509

Mission Report
Action Team HoundDederick

==21 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/1 1069 TE==

We arrive in Bartertown.
Prince neden’s 36th birthday celebration. Been going on for 2 days.

==21 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/1 1069 TE==

We make our way into Throal proper. The grand bazaar is busy!

Jodun – bob’s supervisor. Wants to see him.
8 bells at Spent Scarab
Lodging at the The vine of grapes – beautiful elf woman taking for elderly parents. Most of the cliental are elves. 4sp a night.

Anddelion fernglove – elf woven garments from the city of spires – merchant . Wanted our autographs

Kira buys a threaded battle-axe named Burial. Oaken shaft and a carved stone head.
Wynarr buys some crystal ringlet.

Time passes and we go to the meeting site.

Ogreck bloodspear – ork scortcher, somewhat famous merc
We chit chat a bit.

Our drinks arrive and there is a note to go to a private room.
Three dwarves – Jarrool the honorable thief

We tell our tale, more specifically the obsidimen is telling the tale
Official tale : a secret way under the triumph.

==22 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/2 1069 TE==

We are told to be at a certain place at a certain time and to wear formal attire.
When we arrive at the location we are quickly folded into a large group that has a pass for a formal party.

We mingle a bit and are informed to go to a specific place in a few minutes. We proceed and are greeted by King Vesuvius III.

The obsidimen tells his tale, and we discuss a few matters. The King agrees and requests we bring an Elite team with us. The agreement is that they would swear a blood oath of secrecy.
On the 7th of Raquas we are requested to pickup this group from the Ruby Dreams in V’strimon. The army will be in place 4 days later.

We mingle back with the party and eventually take our leave.

==23 Raquas 1509 TH ~~ 42/3 1069 TE==

Do to a misunderstanding of dates, some time is unaccounted for.

During this time we have established that further meetings occurred, arrangements made, shopping for weapons/armor, and other activities for the good of our cause.

==1 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 44/1 1069 TE==

Today we turned in our journal to the Library of Throal. The legend point total was : 123,353 so we were bestowed with the boon of credit for 100,000 legend points. This value was a rough estimate as we had not recorded our previous turn in from 2 game years prior.

Afterwards we gathered up our belongings with the 77 troll sized maces we purchased (1950sp total) and headed on the road.

==5 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 44/5 1069 TE==

We arrive back at macaroon and deliver all the equipment.
We also pickup Disci and then head to the rendezvous and then onward to V’strimon to pickup the elite unit.

==7 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 45/2 1069 TE==

We arrive in V’strimon and I locate an alchemist to purchase healing potions from to heal my Blood Wound. I eventually succeed and purchase several additional.

Eventually we meet up with the Elite unit and are surprised to see it is a disguised Prince Neden and his adventuring group.
Prince Neden – 9th circle warrior
Helinack Highdeath – 9th circle thief
Yurrim Strongflame – 9th circle scout
Eranal Deathflame – 9th circle elementalist (female)
Naliorel Slyslayer – 9th circle warrior and questor of Chorrolis (female)

We enjoy a meal and pretended to be old friends who happened to run into each other. Afterwards we begin our adventure together and begin preparations for the battle on the 11th.

==8 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 45/3 1069 TE==

In V’strimon we buy 28 booster potions (50sp) and 4 more (55sp)

As we made preparations to leave in the morning I was accosted by vendors wanting to sell more booster potions. During the commotion, an assassin made an attempt against Neden.
An illusionary figure reached out their hand and grabbed him by his heart while simultaneously shattering several of his bones. Meanwhile a thief on the roof was preparing to throw a sword at him.

Wynarr and myself head forward towards the figure, but I quickly determine its an illusion and turn my attention to the situation.
Lenore and Kira immediately recognize the spells used and attempt to dispel them with much success.
The Nethermancer illusionist made an escape down an alley as the assassin on the roof threw the sword. My efforts to be a barrier didn’t succeed.
A bystander merchant offered on of the potions which Neden’s group accepted; this turned out to be an ingested poison.
Kira continued an additional dispel which… broke something, he is not sure what but it defiantly connected.
Lenore attempted to cast “Last Chance” on him to bring him back, but his wounds were too great.

Kira and I went to the roof to subdue the Thief, while Wynarr and Jagatai went after the individual whom went down the alley; they got away through trickery.

We brought Neden inside, bound all his wounds, and placed him in a Circle of Well being that I reinforced with my own live essence. The handy blessing was applied to him as well. After the appropriate time had passed, then we applied a last chance salve and it was enough to bring him back.

We quickly made our escape and interrogate the prisoner. He was very forth coming with information, though it also appears that one of Neden’s party members is well versed in effective interrogation methods.

The assassin was hired by a human woman going by the name Jatta who ‘had money to throw around’ and she had expensive tastes.
The weapon used was part of some ritual and turned out to be Neden’s own training sword, that up until that point was in possession by Therans.
There was a trifecta of the attack. Jatta being a nethermancer illusionist, cast Bone Shatter and Constrict Heart as a combined action. An accomplice posing as a merchant that offered a poisoned potion. And the Thief on the roof who was instructed to have the weapon visibly displayed for 2 rounds before striking the target.

==9 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 45/4 1069 TE==

Notes from inside Macaron, Neden and group give us additional information. Planning. A messenger Pidgeon arrives!

The elites are there somewhere.
The troops are in the 4 central corner towers, we will be entering from the south-east central tower.
Slave pens are in the lower of the center-south, this is rumor
Azem keel is in the center-west – west dome
General Nikar, under the griffin roost
The slave master is in the slave tower – 6th circle beastmaster and 7th rank of Dis

2 orc scorcher brigades are going to attack from the north

==12 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 46/2 1069 TE==

A messenger pigeon arrived informing us that there was an air battle yesterday. Throal lost one ship, V’strimon lost 2, Theran got damaged.

Lenore and Kira watch through the wall to inform us when the dwarves are in position. They eventually take up position at the edge of fire cannon range and tease them.

Prior to the battle we all take a Kelia’s Antidote and booster potion (5).
The signal is given and the obsidimen tear down the wall and we pour through.
The first room we encounter is 4 hex large with a squad of archer preparing for their shift, we fireball and charge though them as if they were not even there.

After a small courtyard we go into the east dome, it appears to be a bureaucratic center with a large ornate atrium with a few guards.
One of the bureaucrats asks who we are and what we are doing there. We respond with “we are Lynx, perhaps you have heard of us” and then Wynarr lets forth an explosive flame arrow.

Dederick headed across the room taking out a survivor from Wynarr’s blast and bars/locks the north door.
Jagatai, and Kira take out the south archer cubby holes by the east inner gate.
Lenore conjures a horror like spirit and aids the battle on the east.
Wynarr gives his attention to the northeast archers.
The dwarves rush through and go through the east gate asking us to disable it to keep it open.

Wynarr and I begin to harass the fire cannon crews, he was much more effective as his flames were real. He notices the container of ammo that the loader was transporting and targeted it.
The resulting explosion was well timed with the opening of the outer gate. A clear signal to Calvary to charge.
Meanwhile Kira charged forth and battled alongside the dwarves, and Jagatai went and locked the other door and kept an eye out for the rear flank.
Lenore did supporting actions at attempting to disable the door and directing her summoned creature.

Wynarr notices someone that looked important, they appeared to be the taskmaster for the fire cannon crews. He was quickly dispatched which then caused the fire cannon crews to abandon their posts and turn to us.

Then suddenly shadows of griffins were seen overhead and 5 were swooping down upon us.

==12 Sollus 1509 TH ~~ 46/2 1069 TE==

The griffins landed and took up positions to try to squash our little disturbance, there were 5 total.
Several take up position to deal with Lenore’s summon and the others spread out.

We generally make them have a bad day, likely to their surprise.

After a few rounds the dwarven Calvary arrive and we successfully considered the entrance taken.
We inform the dwarves that we are headed to the command center to take out Carinci when they suggest we take out his mount first.
Wynarr successfully paralyzes Lightwing (and claims dibs) and then thanks to Lenore casting metal wings the rest of the team arrived and waited in the stable.
Carinci eventually entered the room and then had a very bad day. Another victory.

We quickly make our way to secure military documents from being destroyed by the slaves. So much information that we now have access to.

Meanwhile Wynarr and Lenore head over to the east fire cannons to help do something with the Theran airship The Righteous.
The dwarves thought this was a good idea and joined in.
Using his last ounce of strength, Wynarr fired a shot at the command staff. This annoyed the troll captain and caused him to not even consider retreat. Another victory.

In the aftermath, we discover that they were in possession by an original map made by Jasper Hillwalker and were attempting to use the Liferock to power a blood ritual on barsaive itself.

The triumph is now under the control of the Ayodhya, Lynx, Throal, V’strimon alliance.


It wasn’t a complete slaughter. Good Job Guys!