Call of the Vigilant

Smuggling Run

Termites at a Picnic

TH 23 Strassa 1507 (9/29/2013)

Journal Entry:

After a week of furlough, Team Hound has been assigned to cover for one of the smuggling teams that keeps the citadel of New Marrek in commercial contact with Marrek. We set out yesterday at first light and headed down the hidden canyon trail with a string of mules. Despite reassurance that the Elementalists were sure there was to be no rain all day, the team hurried to avoid getting trapped in a narrow canyon in the event of nasy weather. We arrived at Rift Gap Camp with time to spare and settled down for the night.

Overnight we got an unpleasant surprise. Apparently a nest of greater termites has moved in near the camp. We barely got ourselves and out goods out of there. Agents Lenore, Androstachys, and Wynarr were instrumental in distracting the vermin while the camp was evacuated. The nest will have to be reported and cleared out by specialists.

We made do with a makeshift camp a little farther down trail. Tomorrow we’ll leave the mountains and cross the river.