Call of the Vigilant

Border Patrol II

Ambush Freindly

TH 15 Strassa 1507 (9/21/2013)

Mission Report
Action Team Hound – Camithon One-Eye (Team Leader)

Our 2-week patrol of valleys Delta and Gamma had 4 incidents of note:

  1. An adventuring party of 5 adepts. These poor fools appeared to be following a forged map to some rumored treasure in the Caucavic mountains. On this occasion, agents Saiph and Androstachys impersonated a mad hermit and spirit to lure the targets out of the patrol area into a concealed position for an ambush. While the lure was successful and the targets were eliminated, these two agents need to review the concept of matching cover stories. Agent Kira showed promise in the tactical use of stealth. Suggest looking into whoever is supplying these bogus maps.
  2. A wisp swarm appeared to be breeding in valley Gamma. The reproduction rate was unnervingly rapid for a location so close to the Citadel, so we intervened. A partially coordinated ambush eliminated the strongest of the wisps, and although it was a hard fight, the others were also destroyed. One wisp with useful properties was captured for experimentation.
  3. An adept hunting party from the Sharptooth cannibal tribe (standing orders – no survivors). Although we were able to place them under surveilance, they were too many for certain victory. Agent Kira was sent to request backup (Kira has shown reliable instincts for avoiding trouble so was a reasonable choice for a solo messenger). While we awaited backup, one hunter ventured up valley and was eliminated without alarm. Kira returned with the Royal Guard, who destroyed the tribesmen while Action Teams Hound and Zephyr (our relief) acted as security.
  4. Although the Royal Guard was overkill for the cannibals, their presence was lucky as the final event was the arrival of the Horror Old Bog over the ridge from valley Epsilon. Old Bog was destroyed by the Royal Guard, with two casualties (remedied in the field).

Quote of the Day: “I’ll bag the slutty one!”