Call of the Vigilant

Border Patrol

TH 1 Strassa 1507 (9/1/2013)

Our heros graduated from Vigilant training, despite an incident where in their final exam they set ablaze the poorer sections of the city of Jerris. Luckily, the exam took place within an illusion, and it was considered a passing grade because they retrieved the package they were sent for and laid the blame for the arson on another party.

Upon graduation at the start of the festival week, they took their Vigilant Oaths and became full-fledged protectors of the Citadel (worth 50 silver a week, plus benefits). At the end of the festivals, they were assigned to Action Team Hound, a general well-balanced team intended to fill a wide variety of roles.

Their team leader is a grizzled veteran who is months from retirement Named Camithon One-Eye. Their first assignment is the usual for rookie teams (and is also sometimes used as punishment detail). They have to travel a day’s journey from the citadel to their patrol area, and discourage any visitors.

After all, no-one is supposed to know there is a city up here in these mountains teeming with monsters, Horrors, and savage tribes of cannibals. So they are disguised as savages and must drive off or kill any Namegivers or Horrors who should decide to wander toward their home.

On the way out, they ran across an old aquaintance, Caradoc, who seems to have a self-declared rivalry with the Swordmaster Dederick. He was escorting a team-mate who’d been poisoned back to the citadel for treatment.

Continuing on, they had a little trouble due to the previous night’s rain. Some troajin had wandered up the valley looking for prey displaced by the floods, and were driven off before they could ambush anyone on the trail.

Farther on, the path had washed out and needed to be circumvented.

And finally, part of the trail had flooded by an adjacent stream. Sighting shilagrue in the water, the party elected NOT to wade accross, but instead bypassed the flooded area by climbing the nearby scree. Sadly, old Camithon slipped and slid into the water, to be set upon by the predatory shilagrue. By the heroic actions of Andro and Saiph, supported by their companions, the attacking creatures were slain or driven off before the old man could drown or more predators arrived.

At the end of the day, Team Hound has arrived at their patrol campsite where they will spend the next two weeks.