Advanced Absorb Blow

Threaded Absorb Blow Charm


A magically treated piece of quartz, stained red from the character’s blood and implanted in either the forehead or over the heart. Implanting the charm causes the character 2 Blood Magic Damage. When activated, it absorbs the first 12 Damage Points inflicted on the character. Armor-Defeating Hits are resolved normally, bypassing the charm’s normal benefits. A character cannot use the charm if Surprised or Blindsided. After absorbing 12 damage Points, an unthreaded charm is destroyed, leaving only a cracked, blackened piece of stone.

As a Thread Item:

Maximum Threads: 2
Spell Defense: 14
Legend Point Cost: Novice

Rank 1 Key knowledge: The item’s Name.
Rank 1: The charm will not be destroyed after use. Instead the stone turns black and will not absorb damage until the wearer spends 12 strain to restore the charm.
Rank 2: +1 Step bonus to knockdown tests
Rank 3: +1 Rank bonus to Wood Skin Talent
Rank 4: +2 Step bonus to knockdown tests


Advanced Absorb Blow

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