The Ides of Veltom

weapon (melee)

A double edged straight bladed weapon approximately three feet long.

Damage Step: 5
Strength Minimum: 12
Size: 3
Cost: 4025
Weight: 4


This is a thread item with four ranks.
Spell Defense: 11
Legend point cost: Novice

Rank one Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn the item’s Name.
Name: The Ides of Veltom

Thread Rank Effect
1 The Damage Step of the item becomes the same as if Forge Weapon was used to maximum effect. Add 3 to the Damage Step.
2 Add 1 to the Damage Step.
3 Add 1 to the Damage Step.
4 Add 1 to the Damage Step.

The Ides of Veltom

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