Pyrite's Aegis

A very shiny small shield


Name: Pyrite’s Aegis

For a Human, it’s a large Buckler, but the straps are adjustable enough to be used as a Shield for a windling. Stats below are the same for either user. The shield is made of some kind of thin but strong stone, and is covered with silver filigree.

Physical Armor 2
Mystic Armor 1
Initiative penalty 1
Deflection Bonus +1 / +2
Shatter Threshold 18
Weight 3

Max threads 4
Spell Defense 18
Legend Cost Journeyman

Rank 1 – Key Knowlege: The shield’s Name is Pyrite’s Aegis- Physical Armor 3, Mystic Armor 2
Rank 2 – Mystic Armor 3
Rank 3 – Key Knowledge: Made by Torrygg of Balensford – 1 Strain = can reserve action to deflect a spell aimed at him. This requires a Spellcasting (or Perception) test against caster’s result. If successful, the spell is bounced back at original caster.
Rank 4 – No initiative penalty
Rank 5 – +1 bonus to spell deflection test
Rank 6 – +2 bonus to spell deflection test
Rank 7 – Key knowledge: The trapped elemental is Named Green-Glitter-Pyrite – Physical and Mystic Armor 4
Rank 8 – Deed: blood-swear to release the elemental, then find a way to release the elemental – The Elemental will make a spirit pact to aid the owner when called. Details are negotiable if you can talk to it. This will destroy the shield, by the way. This Deed will provide 5,500 Legend points, which will then go to pay for the final rank.


Pyrite's Aegis

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