Potion Charm

Blood Charm


Developed by the alchemists of Marrek before the Scourge, Potion charms consist of a hollowed-out piece of crystal, just large enough to fill with the amount of liquid a potion or similar healing aid usually comes in. Potion charms cause 2 Blood Magic Damage to the wearer, and must be filled with a potion or similar liquid before being attached to the wearer. Activating the charm is a Free Action and triggers the potion’s effects by releasing it into the wearer’s bloodstream, but also renders the charm inert, filling it with blood. Once used, the charm must be removed and emptied of blood before it can be refilled with a new solution. The character must heal the Blood Magic Damage before he can use the charm again.

DR 0 EDN 9 Cost 100 Wt 1 Availability Unusual in Marrek, Rare elsewhere.


Potion Charm

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