A very large pendant, minus the chain.


A rough cut crystal pendant that would not look out of place hanging from the neck of a western highland Troll, with a delicate carved-antler inset medalion. The chain is long gone.

Name: Soulsafe
Created by Dewdrop of Twist Village

Max threads 2
Spell defense 16
Legend cost Journeyman

Rank 1 – Key Knowledge: The Name of the medalion – +1 Physical Defense
Rank 2 – Deed: The medalion must be removed from the pendant and strung on a chain crafted by windlings. – +1 Social Defense
Rank 3 – +2 Physical Defense
Rank 4 – Key Knowledge: Name of the creator – 4 Strain = +4 spell defense for 4 rounds, AND any attack by a Horror or Horror Construct, Horror power, or spell that mimics a Horror power, needs 1 result level higher to work.



Call of the Vigilant gemore