The Darken Eye

Magic gem


It appears to be a black, lusterless gem about the size of a pebble with a dark red cross on one side. It has a definite feel of Nethermancy to it.


When first found, the Darken Eye simply appears to be a black, lusterless gem with a dark red cross on one side. It has a definite feel of Nethermancy to it.. When placed into an eye socket it causes two points of Blood Magic Damage and can be seen through with normal vision. The eye has a Depatterning Rating of 1 and is susceptible to stress depatterning.

Max Threads: 1
Spell Defense: 15
Legend point cost: Journeyman

Rank One:
Key Knowledge: The Wearer must know that the Name of the Eye is the Darken Eye.
Deed: The Eye must be inserted into one of the wearer’s own eye sockets. (This act is worth 200 LP)

Effect: The implanted Eye glows very faintly red. This is difficult to spot, however, requiring a Perception Test of 21 to detect (15 in a dark area). The wielder gains normal vision, low-light vision, and astral sight (straight perception roll) through that Eye.

Rank Two:

Effect: At a cost of one strain, the Eye can be removed once per day without damaging the socket. The wearer may now look out of the Eye wherever the gem is. The removed Eye reappears in the owner’s eye socket automatically at sunrise. If returned to it’s socket before sunrise, the Eye may be removed additional times per day by the sacrifice of a recovery test. There is no range restriction, but astral observers can detect a thread between the owner and the Eye by achieving an excellent success against the spell defense of the Eye, which could be tracked astrally.

Rank Three:
Deed: The Wearer must use the Rank Two ability ten times. This Deed is worth 500 LP.
Effect: The wearer of the Darken Eye can use the eye to immobilize one target by staring at them. Upon activating the power, the eye turns into a glowing red orb that completely entrances the victim. The wearer makes an effect test at step 15 against the victim’s social defense. Until the victim succeeds in a willpower test against the result, he can only stare into the Darken eye, terrified and unable to act. The wearer must maintain eye contact at all times or the effect ends.

Rank Four:
Effect: The second and third ranks can now be used together — once a victim is entranced, the eye may be removed, entrancing the victim until another person covers the Eye.

Rank Five:
Key Knowledge: The Wearer must learn the Name of the creator of the eye

Effect: The final thread allows the wearer to implant a command into an entranced victim. This step requires that the wearer entrance a victim, remove the eye, and then replace one of the victim’s eyes with the gem. Once in place, the gem transforms to look the same as the eye it replaces. The victim can think of nothing else until he completes the command given to him or sunrise. Once complete, the eye socket becomes a bloody mess as the Eye once again returns to it’s owner.

The Darken Eye

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